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    ZTE Skate Windows 8 Drivers

    Thanks guys, i don't know what happened but I left it plugged in for a couple of hours and it finally installed the drivers itself. Cheers! PS: PM me if you need help setting up a start menu for win8 ;)
  2. Hey guys, I've been struggling for a while to find Windows 8 drivers for our beloved Skate, since I connected it to windows and it's not getting automatically recognized. Does any one know where to find them? Thanks!
  3. I upgraded without wiping data and everything is gone lol. What remained?
  4. Have you looked into the calibration sensor fix? I applied it (proxcal and proxi_update2) and it worked fine but after a while it stopped working again. I haven't opened the proximity definitions again. Also, can you please explain on how to update without wiping? Just install normally without any other precautions? Thanks C3C0!
  5. I read someone talking about a problem with the proximity sensor but can't find it. Mine simply doesn't monitor anything, all variables stay constant. Is it common to everyone or just happens randomly, and has it been fixed in any way? Thanks! :)
  6. Thanks for the awesome ROM :) Any tutorials on how to easily resize system and data partition? I've found a couple but not sure if they apply to the skate as the posts said they were phone specific.
  7. So we agree ;). The problem here is, I think, that the developer and the poster are two different people, and I believe you can really see the impact the lack of information on the main page has on the number of people who download, try and participate if you compare to other threads. Thanks to both anyway but I think I'll be moving on.
  8. So what's the forum for? If you don't want to talk about it simply put the link online and share it via another mean. Myself, as a developer, welcome feedback about my software and actually care for it and improving it, because I spent many hours of my life working on it. I also care to let people know about known failures and how to use it, but that's just probably my fault for doing it right.
  9. I had another rom in the past and it worked. So from what I can tell this comment section is pretty much useless since you don't really care.
  10. 1)How do you enter the menu? 2) I want the status bar. Is it possible? How about a video showing the rom working?
  11. I still think you should put a link with them, along with a description of the known issues.