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  1. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    http://www.modaco.com/topic/360641-rom-404-ics-for-blade-with-256-mb-ram/ Try this one for ICS on Idea blade.. (Even i used this on my Idea blade) Apply the theme manager patch and omx patch .. Nd its works smooth.. Nd For JB u can go for SlimBean 4.1.2 ..
  2. Games that work well on Zte Blade with 256mb ram(Chinese Blades/Idea Blade)

    U should download temple run 2 from xda.. Google for "Temple run 2 for armv6 devices".
  3. [ROM]ICySNAP v1.6 FINAL || LGE 3.1 UI

    Maybe you are stuck on Boot..
  4. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    Hum nai karenge wait :P Hehehehe !
  5. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    My pleasure..!
  6. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    Nothing to worry! Same prob i faced on my Chinese blade.. After flashing rom if ur lockscreen doesnt appear den Flash the gapps posted by unmesh and prob will be solved.. JUST FLASH GAPPS !
  7. [Rom 4.0.4] ICS for Blade with 256 MB Ram....

    Which probs fix u want>?
  8. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    Use external app for wifi tethering !
  9. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    It works .. Bt it makes our Idea blade Slow ..
  10. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    Tried it on my chinese blade.. Bt due to low ram it makes my blade super slow... Bt nyway thanxx for d rom .. :)
  11. [ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

    Gonna test it on my chinese blade (256mb RAM) ..

    Hmm that's fyn..

    Thanksss Bro for such awesomee mods.. :)
  14. [ROM][PORT] ShenDu OS v2.0.4 (Android 4.0.4)

    Superb Rom Buddy... On my chinese blade with 256 Mb this rom works just awesomee.. Now chinese blade users can njoy taste of ICS coz of u.. Thanxxx a lottt... :) Nly bug is dat Some chinese text on lockscreen nd Notification drawer rest all is grt.. Downloading your Shendu JB rom now. :D
  15. [Quest] 2.3.7 DEV for a light, useful, and featured ROM!

    Cyanmobile works on my Idea blade too (256mb Ram)

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