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  1. I have a question. Recently i had to listen to the music for longer time (about 6hrs a day) and it causes high battery drain. Before installation Mokee os i had stock 2.2.2 where i didn't experience such drain. On Mokee it can be about 15% per hour, which is a lot. I looked to the Andrpid Assistant and saw, that playing music causes about 20% of CPU usage - it doesn't matter whether I use stock player or Playerpro oraz PowerAmp. Is this a bug or something?
  2. Hi, recently i think about installing new rom to my RBM One (rebull's version of european zte) and I can't decide which one to install. I think about: - CM7.2 (latest nightly) - CM10 - Konstat's version, - CM 9 - also by Konstat. Yeah, I know that on CM7.2 everything works etc, and is most stable rom, but i like the way that ICS and JB look. I've never used neither tethering (wifi or usb) nor FM Radio, and I don't play games on my phone, but I use camera often and listen to the music a lot. Which one would be the best (especially from CM9 and 10- in the case of stability and speed.
  3. Permanent root for 2.2 Blades!

    Big thanks for you kallt _kaffe! Worked perfectly for my RedBullMobile One 2.2.2 Zte Blade :)