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  1. Tanks for the reply, I am referring to recovery, I had v3 installed, to install your rom I replaced it with v4, every thing worked as expected, after rebooting to ROM the key's stopped working, I Had to reboot to recovery and replace recovery v4 with v3, and the key's started working again... The ROM is working perfectly....
  2. Thank for the help, but if you read carefully, I said " I Installed your latest's ROOM... " the problem occurs after the rom installation, and stops after the installation off cwm v3, just wandering if there's a version without the problem..
  3. Thank's Zeelog for your work, and for not giving up on sharing, despite all the begging for updates... I installed your latest's ROM cm-11-20150118-ZeeLogKANG-blade and every thing works great evan the s2e. But i don't now if is just me, my phone has physical keys, and they just stop working after a little while, replacing the cwm with the previous version v3, fixes the issue, is this problem known? I searched but cant find where to search for new version....
  4. Try a clean install I have an a5 and it works perfectly....
  5. Is it me or the live wallpaper piker was removed from this build??
  6. Just experimented v3 version of recovery, if you boot directly to recovery, keys won't work, but is usable because swipe feature work's, rebooting from ROM everything works. tanks for all your work on our Blade... :) :)
  7. If the card as a ext partitition this rom will recognise it and use it for aplications, just create the partion in cwm.
  8. Tanks for the advice but I use a Bluetooth handset every day so having to verify if the BT is working or not is very annoying but I will try your trick. :D Tanks you konstat and all involved in the creation of this ROM and for your continued support.
  9. I am using an old Build cm-10.1-20130419-KonstaKANG-blade (cold not get Bluetooth working properly on newer builds), I have all option set, except for application data, and every thing works fine.
  10. I there 1 I want to tank konstat for is great job on this rom 2 I whanted to now if someone in portugal (TMN) was able to get MMS to work. Its the only thing that for me that dosent work in this rom (19-04-13), I tried changing the APN and even installed APN Portugal whitch enables the sending and reciving of MMS but it dosent works with data on.
  11. Been using this rom for a while with no problems but now suddenly i can't connect to pc through usb. Windows don't recognize the device. Even in recovery can´t mount as usb. I tried instaling new drivers in two diffrent pc but no go....Any pointers ????
  12. Mp4 with baseline profile higher profile won't work
  13. You create a ext partition in recovery and s2e uses that as internal memory.
  14. S2E uses part of your SD card as if it is internal memory for installation of apps.
  15. Read a few post behind you will find your answer...