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  1. Post you home screen piciture :D

    small inspiration :) mycolorscreen.com
  2. many thanks to everyone who participated :)
  3. i have flashed 20120816 cfx2 version with 20120815 stripped gapps and went through the steps and it won't work ( partition 230 MB) keeps saying 'didn't catch that, try something else'
  4. can someone make a video how to do that properly ??? please
  5. is there anybody who is having problem with cpu spy apk??? it doesn't work with this rom for me ???
  6. [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    on the SD card create: \media\audio\ringtones folder and put ringtones there........ You may need to create the ringtones folder yourself. Once you copy, they will show in Settings->Sound->Phone Ringtone
  7. finally i have ordered these one http://av.jvc.com/pr...thId=162&page=1 I'll give them a try :)
  8. Which in-ear headphones for skate would you recommend (except the stock)??? thanks