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  1. Nothing helps, pretty much.. Trimming rom, minimal gapps etc. You will have to use tpt to be able to use everything properly (at least that was the case with my phone - telenor touch plus)
  2. After using it since it was realised I can say that this is still my favorite rom and I use it daily. Battery life is great, constant usage with wifi, some calls etc it can last the whole day. I don't know if this is a bug or just how things are in new version, but when I want to setup a ringtone I can't play the sound and hear - when ringtone is downloaded from zedge or any other app, but works fine for system sounds.
  3. I had that problem of not being able to move apps to sd card. When I used TPT everything was ok, I believe it was a problem with lack of memory. Also, Int2ext+ works so even better.
  4. I used flb, here's the link http://www.modaco.com/topic/349161-rom-flb2-completely-debranded-gb-rom-r2a/ :-)
  5. After using tpt that user Trotil provided all problems are gone and everything is working great. Out of 250 system mb, rom and gapps use 212 :-) Definitely one of the best roms. Didn't have much time to try it but battery use is ok as well, I think. From around 8pm to now (11pm), it went from 90% to now 43% with constant wifi connection, installing some apps, messaging etc. About tpt.. I just couldn't get to flash it, so I had to use debranded rom and applied tpt from system update inside of that rom.
  6. Thank you so much for this! I will gladly test this and report what I find. I have vivacity (telenor touch plus), touch screen works fine, no problems there. Definitely need to use tpt otherwise there is no Play store, so I have to flash again. I also hear that humming sound after pressing something. When I go to settings - storage it suddenly crashes . What amazed me is how fast this rom is. Seriously, it's very fast, no lag or anything which is great and thank you again for making this. I will later add play store and try with some memory scripts so I will edit with more information. Edit: I couldn't find any tpt for Vivacity with more than 200mb system (I already have that) so I managed to flash google play by trimming down the rom (deleted everything I didn't need) so now everything is working ok. I couldn't just install google play apk like the previous user because it crashes. Int2ext doesn't work, I tried two and nothing. Also, when installing any app from play store, downloaded app crushes. I tried app2sd and similar and it reports couldn't move to sd. I don't know if it's a problem with memory or some bug. But I suspect it's memory problem because I tried some apps from apk files and everything is fine. If anyone has a link for Vivacity tpt with more than 200mb system that would be great.
  7. Thank you again :-) At the moment IP address is different on both devices but then again.. I'm currently using cm7 based rom. I will try on different rom and check again. I will post update and solution if I find one.
  8. Thank you for your time, Mac address is fine, everything works, I just can't understand why it works on some roms while not on others. Maybe I should change some settings on the router? Because I didn't do anything about it, how my ISP set it up that's how I use it.
  9. I have a problem with wifi as the title says. I have Telenor touch plus (atlas version), wifi only works on roms based on Cyanogenmod 7 :O and miui 4+ (can't remember the exact android version). Now, I have a router that I use for Internet on this phone but I also have tablet that is always connected to the same router. There are NO problems with cm7 based roms but with most others it just disconnects(after around 5-10min) both tablet and the phone and I have to reset router if I want for it to work.. When I for example disconnect tablet and only use the phone it's okay, no problems again, but it's a problem when both are connected. I assume it's a router related issue but can anyone help me resolve this, what do I do? Thank you very much. If needed : tablet runs on stock android 4.1.1 version.