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  1. @skyster Get a screen protector cut out carefully out of it a small piece to cover the lens, until you buy a decent case for your phone.
  2. HTC One X Review

    You don't have to scratch the phone :D
  3. HTC One X Review

    @Paul I had HTC Desire, and I loved the material it was built from however it was plastic. Whenever I had a scratch on the back I just used to rub it and it just disappears. Then I bought Droid RAZR which it's back was built from Kelvar fabrics which was pretty strong and durable but the plastic bezel around the Kelvar used to get scratches from just putting my phone on the desk or accidentally moving it while it's on the desk. So, I sold it because after 2 months it looked older than my 2 years old Desire. So one thing I want to be sure about in the One X, is it durable against scratches like my old Desire? I mean is the polycarbonite material used on the back and the glossy edges durable against scratches? That's a breaking point for me.