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  1. alpine101

    Any Elephone fans?

    Just received my Elephone S2. There seem to be suggestions there are GPS issues, but in a quick test using GPS Test, it locked very quickly here. It came with Google apps and play, in English from an Ebay seller with uk stock. Excellent screen, camera looks good. And of course with glass sides and the holographic blue back, it looks really great. It has the June 17th firmware with Lollipop. So far it seems to be brilliant value.
  2. alpine101

    Any Elephone fans?

  3. alpine101

    Experience of returning Hudl

        "Pennies"? With a 1920x1200 screen?
  4. I followed Paul's method to upgrade my Tesco phone to the UK Retail version a month or so ago, then rooted it. I received the UK retail bug fix (7.3MB) this morning and it's upgraded OK, or tells me it has!! Now running 176.44.1.en.GB. Baseband is now MSM8626BP_1032.355.66.00R. Sadly I didn't note what it was before the update!
  5. alpine101

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Went to stock UK retail 4.3 from rooted Tesco. Let it do the OTA download and then rooted with the Superboot method! (Couldn't get this to work on 4.3 and used method 2, but it worked on KK)
  6. alpine101

    How to control notification volume?

    Possibly not quite the issue you have, but I get very annoyed by Orange's habit of sending out usage texts before 8am. There's a way round this though since I've now installed NightsKeeper, which allows you to specify a night setting for no sounds: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nightskeeper It's fully configurable so you can set different times on different days.
  7. alpine101

    Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android

    I bought one of these: http://dx.com/p/otg-usb-micro-sd-tf-card-reader-w-3-5mm-dustproof-plug-white-silver-215617 It's particularly neat since when the flap is open, it exposes a standard USB connector, and you can plug it into a normal USB port while leaving the microsd card in place on the other side of the device. It took about 3 weeks to come from China.
  8. Apex launcher alllows one to remove the google search bar without removing the underlying application, along with lots of other nice stuff, resizing icons etc.
  9. alpine101

    Remove the 'device unlocked' warning screen

        What country are you in?
  10. alpine101

    Remove the 'device unlocked' warning screen

        Well, at least one person reads the small print! But it's all fairly meaningless isn't it. Just as it has been since my first efforts a number of years ago, attaching wires to the pads inside my first Motorola phone so I could install a different firmware...
  11. alpine101

    Remove the 'device unlocked' warning screen

        Well, not really. They may have recorded your registration for the unlock key, but since the command to run this is within the bootloader fastboot environment run from a pc dos box, there's no communication with Motorola or Google at that point. So they don't know whether you executed the unlock. But of course, putting the phone into bootloader mode does display the 'unlocked' message which is a bit of a giveaway...
  12. alpine101

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    Yet another winner Paul, thanks. Successful installation on a 16GB Tesco Moto G.
  13. Same here. The original chap must have become overloaded!
  14. alpine101


        It's gorilla glass. I've never understood the need for screen protectors now that we're past the plastic screen era.
  15. alpine101


    I've just ordered the same sort of tpu case from Ebay at the same price. It does need this because the power on button is very prone to being pressed while the phone's in a pocket, which must diminish battery life and risk other issues. Other than that, it seems very good and mine is now running on EE using the cut down sim from my old phone.