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  1. s.izeman

    HTC One X Review

    I have heard that many one x phones are "dead on arrival". One of three has been sent back from the shop I asked (The phone house). Regarding Samsung Galaxy s2 they said that not a single guaranty report has been done. Is One X a "bad" phone?? The DOA's has been hardware issues, not software.
  2. A couple of questions: I know that just a root will not do anything bad to the phones features, but what happens if I flash another rom when they start to come? Do I loose for example One x's good camera? I have only had one Android before, a Galaxy S and for a couple of weeks I changed rom more often than I changed underware. It was difficult thou to get back the original FW so I could update thru Kies. Do you guys have opinions about these things? And, at last, is it better to wait until another method of rooting the One x than unlocking at HTCdev?
  3. If you want to unlock you one x on thcdev.com, choose “All Other Supported Models” in the drop down where you select your device.
  4. Waiting for my One X to arrive...