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  1. Hi... sorry could not test anything anymore because i switched to moto g phone ...sold my G510
  2. If u use the root access method inplement in the rom ... ok .. but in generally you don´t need this option to be activated whithin the rom... why .. ? ..so .. if you´re flashing another programm ..for example supersu .. to manage root permissions ..it has nothing to do with the build in mechanism which is included in the rom .. every app has a Androidmanifest.xml ... which describes the permission that are necessary to run the app .. for example you see this if your installing app from playstore and you had to permit the permissions that are required by the app ....from here and if you deactivate the build in root mechanism feature ... all requests from specific apps are "piped" through ...for example "supersu" .. for clarification APP (androidmanifest.xml) -> (call root rights) SUPERSU -> (supersu) SETUID So supersu is the only programm that could do a setuid ... Regardless if this is a app or adb . because adb is also a system app that calls mostly a shell to get user input .. so if you grant root acess to adb it is running also fine Overall you also have no specific user account which had traditionaly understanding permissions .. you grant acesss to apps and these permissions are stored by dalvik vm in /data/data ..so you could say that you had the role / account / user that the app requested ...from androidmanifest.xml EDIT*: So in my opinion the problem which was described by Tangarine .. might be an issue with supersu binary ..."reverting root permission"..
  3. Hmm .. strange ... but i think that i read a few days ago something that could be a problem with supersu and 4.4+ roms .. reverting root permissions .. but never seen this with roms version below 4.4...anyway .. should be something to keep in mind ;)
  4. If this was the case i never seen that supersu override current installation without prompting for a method to setup .. TWRP / normal ... however ..update should not be a problem .. the problem might be occour once again if you reflash or update the rom and .. the root acess "bug" that some people are effected still remains ...
  5. I encounter same problems ... so i uncheck the root options in settings and install supersu zip from recovery .. then everything works as expected
  6. WOW ... great ROM ...very flexible settings menu ... really nice ..clean an small ..keep the work up **by the way .. i use ported kitkat cam which works great with photo and video recording..with this rom
  7. This MIUI 8813 images work the whole time .. with the issue of hangup calls ... havent test the latest version and if it works without changing lib from stock .. but my experience is ..that modify only baseband libs if you having trouble is the best u can do... leave the rest alone ... than you should have milky screen .. or other issues ...
  8. I would like to recommend infinity rom .. because it´s also stock based stable rom and has the best battery life i ever seen ... http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=711805
  9. You could solve it if using moto x cam
  10. Your right... And don't get me wrong .. But for playing games or toping any benchmark it is the wrong device...its a low budget phone and if you get a stable Rom beside stock..be happy ...and appreciate developers Work.....and don't complain any benchmark scores...
  11. Plesse stop this f***** antutu....benchmark..overall s***,.... Also gaming performance ... If u want to play or get great Benchmarks... Go buy another phone....
  12. joba69

    [ROM] B197 Lunatic Pandora 4.3

    Thank you very much :-)
  13. joba69

    [ROM] B197 Lunatic Pandora 4.3

    it would be nice if someone could upload this apk ...
  14. joba69

    [ROM] B197 Lunatic Pandora 4.3

    Hi could someone provide the cameraslim.apk?