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  1. Didn´t made any TPT I came from last cyanogenmod 7 Thks for the help
  2. Yes , cleaned the Sim and works ok on other phone Partition size is 180 Fomat system and all the "3 wipes" about 3 times now and still no luck thks for the help
  3. Hi 1st of all GREAT JOB, grat ROm for our Blade I have flashed it and i have a little problem : it says " no sim card " and i have tryed it on other terminals and works so must be a rom issue Can anyone help ? I have a GEN 2 terminal ( sold in Portugal Sapo A5 ) Thanks for the help Cheers
  4. Thanks H3ROS for this ROM ...Kudos 2U Works great om my 2 Skates :D Very fast and stable One question .... rookie/nerd one : Is there an option to make batery icon display % value ? thks once again
  5. jfmartins

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    Hi tillaz , nice work , tanks for all your effort !! Been using this rom for 2 weeks and everything ok but now i can´t get no sound from speaker , no ring , but when i receive a call i can ear the other person and vice-versa Can it bee some misconfiguration on the phone cause mi kid started playing with it ( iknow, my bad ) something about dolby mobile?? I tryed a fresh install, format everything and still no sound . Can anyone help ?? Thanks
  6. jfmartins

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    :) Thanks a lot And about the picture in contacts , forget it just figured it out i....lol ...newb error ... just select picture and is in options... lol
  7. jfmartins

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    Hi, first of all thks tillaz for this nice rom :) And now and since I´m new to mod i´m afraid this is a very dumb question but here it goes Can anyone tel me how to get mp3 music as ring tone and a picture to a contact profile :)) ??