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  1. Sim card not registering on network using this ROM.It worked for around 2 hr and i moved to roaming region after that no network on my phone.
  2. getting error during installation using CWM on y300-0100 : (status 7) installation error installation aborted
  3. great work thnx, i'll definitely try it :) .....
  4. i'll try to add more languages and revert back. replace framework-res.apk using root explorer in /system/framework/ with attached one. http://www60.zippysh...11933/file.html
  5. Can we have a miui based on latest cm-10-20121118-KonstaKANG? http://www.modaco.co...10-android-412/
  6. Amoi N820 getting Android 4.1 Jellybean

    Amoi N820,JiaYu G2 how good are they? any good brand other than amoi jiayu?
  7. this is a major bug with amv6 Miui Roms. USB Mass store stop working after moving apps to the sd car. Any solution there???????????
  8. ROM is not butter smooth, its like previous MIUI 2.3.7 Roms(MIUI-BLADE-BETA7). Settings menu has no lag.
  9. Downloaded this nice looking ROM from a chinese forum. Removed the chinese apps from the ROM and settings.apk replaced with english version. This ROM have some bugs: 1.No keyboard( i used go keyboard) 2.USB mass storage(Works for first 3-4 instances after that phone reboots every time i enable mass storage) 3.On certain application no text is visible because of white background and white text of App.(for e.g. in Colornote>backup menu,go keyboard>theme settings>customize theme) Is it possible to check that this Rom has any security risk like LewaOS. Any help by DEVS in resolving above issues will be highly appeciated. ***I'm not a developer. http://www.multiupload.nl/SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/DF_SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/2S_SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/PL_SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/TB_SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/FR_SNTYZ2OQHK http://www.multiuplo...l/BF_SNTYZ2OQHK
  10. Can someone confirm there is no privacy issue with this rom, Like lewa OS which sends info to its developers.
  11. MIUI 04.09 http://dl.dbank.com/c0nkqob60h#
  12. hi Can we have a CM9 with black text white background(like MIUI) instead of default white text black background Please................