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  1. When I click on it, phone asks "Complete action using..." Last on list is Play Store. Once I click on that, up it comes.
  2. Running an oooooold CM7 with the following details. Think its time I upgraded to something more recent. What's out there for my phone?
  3. Download Bladechecker and run it. You'll get something like this. The 2Gb is your microSD card, not the internal memory.
  4. ZTE Blade TPTs

    On the first post, it says " If you converted to Gen 2 by TPT, use the TPTs from here instead." The link to those TPTs is no longer functioning. I upgraded to Gen2 and installed an old CM 7.1 and want to know what I can upgrade to that is newer if they are any better. Thanks
  5. Video editing app needed.

    Anyone? Please?
  6. Video editing app needed.

    What app is available that can completely mute or remove the audio track from an mp4 file? Want to upload one but sound is distorted and too loud. Thanks. ZTE Blade running CM 7.1
  7. GSMArena says no memory card slot. Is that correct?
  8. External charger only charges battery to 95% according to battery widget pro :(
  9. Ordered, as well as an external charger so I always have spare on charge. Thanks again.
  10. That's a great price. Thanks.
  11. I asked as you didn't quote a post and there has been 3 batteries mentioned ;) Anyway, mine is the original ZTE one. Says 1250mah on label but 2 battery monitors initially read it as 1500mah.
  12. Which one are you asking about?
  13. I do. Seen them but they are thicker and require a different back cover.