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  1. 14 Jun Gr9 (6.3.1) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

    I am installing this as you mentioned above, I get all the way to step 7 and then it attempts to install the gr8.zip file but gives me a message: "E:Cannot load volume/misc!" Any ideas?
  2. 14 Jun Gr9 (6.3.1) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

    nevermind. I figured it out. Installing everything now.
  3. How to install the Gr8 Custom Rom

    I am new to this. I currently have a stock 6.3 kindle fire. I am wanting to install the Gr8 rom. I have d/led the zip file to my pc and to my fire and have it extracted to its own folder. What is the next step to install this rom? I have found a folder with about 20 diff .apk files but I am unsure as to which ones i should install. Any help or instructions for this would be appreciated.
  4. 14 Jun Gr9 (6.3.1) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

    I hate to sound like such a noob. But is there a walk through or any documentation on how to Install this Rom on the Fire? Also, everyone says to back everything up prior to installing the rom. I am currently running 6.3 Stock. The only backup programs I can see on the kindle app store are for backing up the apps and the other stuff in the internal storage. What backup program do you guys recommend?