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  1. Javi14

    Amazon drops Kindle Fire to £99 / £109

    I´ve a question.When i buy this Tablet in UK , it will be working in Czech republic or other countries? becouse i have Mobile from UK with big problems to connect in to the czech Mobile stations.Thanks,and sorry for my bad english:-D;)
  2. Hello,i have problem,i have TMV with Fish n Chips but i have it without CWM,my problem is : ive got kernel: [email protected] I want CM9 and thats have other Kernel,my friend say me:with other kernel you can brick your phone completly. my question is. How i can install CM9 ? With other Kernel Please Answer im novice and sorry for my BAD ENGLISH!:) Thanks alot
  3. Hello Modaco. I have problem,im from Czech Rupublic and my Tmobile Vivacity have cracked screen(broken) display is ok but the cover crystal is bad.I cant find any good price for this screen,if you know where is cheap,please give me a link. thanks for all!
  4. Hello, Im Novice at Rooting and flashing the androidmobile,but with tutorial its easy. When i root my SGS2 and instal the CWM.in the first place i create a Backup,Then i wipe data/factory reset , partition and Dalwik, When i clicked on Choose zip from SD card,CWM say me Error : No files found on SD - Card. I have XWLPI kernell and on my SD card is CM_7.zip. This Rom Supports this kernel. Whats wrong? and can i change my kernel? When yes, How i can do it? Please give me the tutorial, Im in the end. Thanks for all!
  5. Why I cant Find on Product page black Version? its sold out?
  6. Where i can download zip pack,to put in to the my OMC?/ZTE?becouse i wont BRICK it.Have http://goo.im/devs/t...2-tilal6991.zip chance to brick my telefon?I dont have problem with CM7,CM9 But with this i have fear. Thanks to answer and im sorry for my BAD ENGLISH:D im Novice.BB
  7. Hello, I have a problem with instaling new rom, Im novice with Android system. How i can install Cyanogenmod into my ORange monte carlo? Please, give me the exact procedure of replacing. Thanks for all.