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    Problem moving Contacts

    Here’s the problem. I got a new phone to replace my old phone. The new phone is a Moto G with Android 4.4.4, so I used Motorola Migrate to help with the switchover. My old phone is an Orange San Francisco / ZTE Blade running Android v2.2 Swedish Spring. The transfer worked except for my contacts. On the old phone I had some contacts on the SIM and some in the phone, a total of 595 contacts. Only 133 of the contacts transferred to the new phone, and going back into Migrate I can see why. It says it only transfers the contacts in the SIM. Before you ask, I am syncing through my Google account, but that only has 133 contacts. The old phone has an SD card, but the Moto G doesn’t, so I can’t move them that way. Also I tried transferring the other contacts from the phone to the SIM, but there’s no room. So the question is – how can I get the other contacts across?
  2. Many thanks for your quick reply. I had already moved anything I could to the SD card (using App2SD), but now I've deleted some things I hope aren't crucial, and I've got ~28mb free. I'm back in business, for now at least.
  3. I have an Orange SF (unlocked) - I assume that makes it a GEN1. Lately it's been complaining about the phone memory being low. And now it has started bouncing incoming SMS's, saying that there's no more room, in spite of the setting always having been ticked to allow new messages to delete old messages. I even deleted all messages myself, and that still didn't fix it. Any suggestions? I have used App2SD and 1Tap Clean, but the available phone memory is stuck at around 17mb. The SD card is about 75% empty.