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  1. One thing I must add, and I am 100% sure about this: S2E doesn't seem to be able to read ext partitions, install the new version on clockwork recovery to fix: https://docs.google....WFptZ1VsT2dBYU0
  2. Great job as usual, as an android developer, the only thing that I request is the development options/mode on this ROM. Turns out if you want to use developer mode on Android 4.2 you have to tap the build number on Settings 7 times. I doubted you zeelog, I thought you removed it!!
  3. I feel like a complete idiot, I pressed expanded desktop just to see what options it would give me - I failed to link the disappearing status bar to switching it on :P
  4. For some reason the status bar only appears on the lock screen and seems to hide every time I unlock the phone. It randomly happened, the bar was working perfectly before.