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  1. This is a awesome ROM, i am using it right now. There is somethings that you have to fix! 1. Auto Rotation Enable/disable 2. Long Press back KILL APP <--- MUST 3. More custom settings! Thanks!
  2. Okay so i been searched for the popular game "Subway Surfer" And havn't find anything. I wonder if someone have been fixing it for zte blade. I would love to play the game on my zte blade Thanks
  3. I am not requesting from other members, just asking them which one is the best for them, with highest Score! Thanks.
  4. Okay, so i am trying a lot of ROMS, and i want to get the best Cm7 rom with best benchmark score possible with Overlock and tweaks Post you ROM and Score! Thanks.
  5. Bike race DATA or BACK UP NEEDED!

    Okay, so my friends got iphone and they jailbreaked it and hacked bikerace to get all bikes unlocked and maps. I got ZTE blade and i want to get all bikes, if some one got a titanium back up with the game please send me!
  6. At the new 2.22.9 version the google search keeps giving "Stopped Working" i hope you fix that! :)
  7. A question: When i have to choose the plguin on chainfire. Witch should i use? Nvdia Qualcom or the other?
  8. What is the best ROM for gaming? I am current using Cyanogemod 10(jellybean) by konsta
  9. Allright, so i want to get the best result of overclockning this time. So the thigns i need to know is what is the best to get the best of the ZTE BLADE GEN 2 Europe. ROM: ? KERNEL: ? ANY OTHER MOD: ? GOVERNOR: ? CPU SPEED: ? The result i want is the best speed of the CPU. THanks
  10. Hello so i have coldfusionx13 ics installed on my blade. But i am getting problem with my screen also some gps trouble, i know its impossible to fix it. Cause i been tested tons of ROM but same problem. So i want to return it to the store. How tha **** do i restore EVERYTHING? (ROM, Tpt and all other s***.) I want original stock ROM. My Blade before installing custom ROM ZTE blade Sweden, TELIA Android version 2.3.5 GEN 2/3 So please help me. I been cheking the stock rom thread but don't know whitch one is for my phone :S Thanks alot guys!