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  1. hey. i *love* this ROM. any chance of music controls on the lockscreen (as per your CM9 PA) - maybe this just isn't possible with CM10..? ..and while i'm here; has anyone ever found a way of accessing the camera without unlocking the phone (a la iPhone) thanks:)
  2. panorama works for me.. (c3co's latest PA)
  3. Yeah they all seem to do the same thing;as soon as you add security, you can't get straight to camera.. I guess there must be something inherently difficult to do in android .. I can't be the only one wanting this, surely anyone who's seen an iPhone thinks it's a good idea... Non?
  4. Hi. Is there a way of having a passcode/pattern and still having the camera accessible from the lock screen (without having to unlock)...like the iClone..seems a really obvious feature but I've not seen it .. Is it possible?Am I just being stoopid? I'm on this ROM at the moment but I'd be interested in any rom that can do this..
  5. to be honest i'm mainly concerned with pickup - quite often i find i mis-swipe the screen - especially if it's bright daylight / i'm using one hand / i'm in a rush.. really annoying! (at least with hangup there's already a soft button to press)
  6. call me old fashioned but i'd love to be able to receive (and end) a call by pressing a button instead of swiping.. 'home' and 'back' would seem to be the most intuitive way of doing it i'd say.. what do you think - am i the only one? is there a ROM with this facility..? is it already there and i've missed it.? thanks!
  7. thanks H3ROS, that's fine, as long as its not just me :) in other news my batttery was doing well yesterday afternoon but went from 40% >2 % overnight :( no apps were running apart from the ones that autostart with the OS. going to try wiping battery stats and see if that helps (as i say i just migrated from mokee so maybe it'll help..?)
  8. hey. i just switched from mokee to this to see how battery compares - like it so far :) but i cant install instagram..play storesays incompatible.. is it just me? is there a way round it..? thanks EDIT - found a workaround: install from the play store online, appears and installs on the device fine.. any ideas though..?
  9. found a small problem (maybe a missing translation?); when an SMS message goes over into multiple messages (more than 144 characters) a blank screen with 3 radio buttons appears, i have to choose one and click "ok" or "cancle" (i think its asking how it should handle sending multiple messages) thanks
  10. m0ther

    New user

    i'm not sure your level of android/custom ROM experience (mine was zero) but i was in the same boat a couple of months ago, here's what i did; -read the beginners stuff :) -took a backup of everything stock (my main concern/panic at the time was being able to get back to stock if needed) this gets you used to the clockworkmod recovery tool without doing anything destructive to your new toy - NB. you can boot clockworkmod and use it without installing it - took me ages to realise that ! :) -installed a new ROM .. then re-installed straight back to stock from my backup to check it works (it does!) -i have since tried a few ROMS but still haven't messed with partitions/TPTs .. currently I'm using mokee which is ace. good luck :)
  11. cool thanks - i'll try those settings (not far off what i had to be honest) and can anyone confirm my understanding is right - with mokee there's no need to flash the kernel over the top - it's already rolled in,, right?
  12. wow/ that IS good - i was happy with 2 full days... can i ask what ROM and CPU settings are you using..? EDIT - just realised you've got a Blade, that's probably the reason..!
  13. perfect, thanks - i'll have a play with LP and themes, i'm still new to all this great job by the way, i know you are keen to give praise to others where due but please accept some credit for bringing this our way ^_^
  14. hi anyone know what launcher / theme / icon pack is in use in the screenshots..? as i say the only thing i don't really like is the default colour scheme in the messaging app - i'd like to try some others and they look good :) thanks.
  15. thanks - i'll give that a try. one more thing - can i change the colours in the messaging application - currently they are blue and green.. i guess there are themes somewhere but i can't for the life of me find where to change them..