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  1. Ouch Kernel GB v1.0 [18/03/2013]

    Running atomicmod with this kernel and its the fastest and most responsive my phone has ever been. Thanks very much.
  2. The wifi nag box is turned off in the build.prop. There is a line ro.config.hw_remindwifitopdp=true Use a root explorer to open the build.prop and change true to false and save it.
  3. Is anybody able to make a flashable zip to allow 2020 roms to work on the 109808 baseband? I would find it really useful. Cheers.
  4. I realise that, I was just posting in response to this:
  5. I accidentally restored a CWM backup I had of a GB based rom when I was on 2020 baseband many moons ago. The rom restored and booted but had no network connection.
  6. GB roms will run on 2030 baseband you just won't have any network!
  7. So would this work the other way round? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to be able to run all the 2030 baseband roms on the 109808 baseband in the hope of curing the reboots a lot of people are getting? Ben.
  8. Thanks for the link, I tried the test on the light sensor and it isn't responding. It seems to be stuck reading 10 lx. Ben.
  9. Running great here. The only issue I have is the light sensor isn't working so automatic display brightness doesn't work. May be just my phone though as nobody else has reported the problem. Ben.
  10. Is anybody else running cm9 on the 109808 baseband and having any problems with auto brightness? On mine it seems it will dim the display OK when I come in from outside but refuses to brighten again until I do it manually. Ben.
  11. Battery seems as good as any to me.
  12. This is running great on the 109808 baseband. Performance so far is excellent. Thanks for making it possible.