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  1. Use Wakelock Detector if you are rooted and find the app preventing the deep sleep (with many wakelocks). For me, it was the CaroO that was waking my phone up 90 % of the time.
  2. Latest czech OTA (CZ02c > CZ_MR01d) - http://uloz.to/xMJggkK1/update-zip
  3. New update - security updates - 13mb

    Where do you guys take these updates? No update whatsoever for the Czech Su6.
  4. Other chargers = safe?

    Yes and no. I also meant that, using the very same charger and cable, different phones can charge at different amperage levels depending on their electronics (resistance) and that it is absolutely fine. The only problem could be the overheating of a very bad (or partially broken) charger operating at it's maximum for a long time. English is not my native language so I might misinterpret my thoughts. Sorry about that.
  5. Other chargers = safe?

    It will not. The current drained is not decided by the charger but the phone itself. If the charger maximum ouput current is low, the phone will charge slower (even the slowest phone chargers can supply a 0,5 A output nowadays and only a bad cable can reduce that significantly), if it is high, the phone will simply take what it requires . It is perfectly safe to use a different charger designed for any phone.
  6. Might be a bit boring but I am no fan of fancy stuff
  7. Now, how do you distinguish silicon from TPU? :) http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Soft-S-Line-Wave-TPU-Gel-Cover-Case-Skin-for-Vodafone-Smart-ultra-6/32415124676.html http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Vodafone-Smart-Ultra-6-soft-case-VF-995N-cover-Free-ship-S-line/32419540488.html
  8. Got the black one a few days ago. I guess they're all from the same factory. The holes are correctly placed but the case is a little loose on the right side (about 0,5 mm) which is a bit annoying when pushing the buttons.
  9. I ordered one 2 weeks ago. Still waiting. Great specs for a good price. There are some problems, though. Especially the charging troubles me. From what I've read, the phone charges to no more than 85(6,7?)%( even if it shows full) and for a full charge you must use an external charger. That itself combined with a suboptimal battery capacity can make some trouble for heavy-users. If you want you can try google translate on http://androidforum.cz/zavady-a-problemy-s-inew-v3-t51885-120.html . It's a thread dedicated to V3 problems.
  10. Nah :-/ . I tried both and many others with no luck. All gone in under 2 sec. I forgot to log once, with another one I actually clicked in time but when I had selected the bundle, the item was already marked as sold. Guess those chineese are too quick for me. :) I managed to win one $30 coupon for $15 though. :) Damn, those would have been very good christmas presents.
  11. You can't order it yet. It's some sort of "Black Friday" stuff that starts on monday. It will be tough to get one with such a small number of pieces available but hey, it's well worth trying.
  12. No wonder if they sell items for 10% of their price. I am more than willing to wait for a $100 TCL Idol X http://gaga.aliexpress.com/250539016-1002459919-detail.html or a $50 8" tablet http://gaga.aliexpress.com/250610012-1220096076-detail.html.
  13. Is this some kind of scam? http://www.aliexpress.com/activities/aliexpress-promotion/index.html
  14. Looks interesting but the resolution scares me a little. :)
  15. Can anyone suggest the best 7" tablet in a $200 range?

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