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  1. after the 22/02 update my wifi and mobile signal doesnt work right, both is everytime grey and 0 bars like no signal, but signal is good and stable(both) just icons doenst come right.
  2. int2ext+ doesn't work with this rom :C 1gb sd ext space but in rom only 200mb space..
  3. 2 GB internal memory

    why i cant flash gapps from tilal when i done this? ext 500mb 32mb swap 8gb class6 microsd
  4. 2 GB internal memory

    on cfx3 not working :C than go back to cfx2
  5. yes thanks. deactivatet wifi and works :) thank you is it possible to get statusbar to the top in tablet mode?
  6. youtube app doesnt worked for me(downloaded when i was ad tablet mode) when i start it crash
  7. can anyone please update the framework to get this working on ColdFusionX ._.

    any release date ? i prefer the 3d UI. looks great. Hope it will work smooth on Skate
  9. i falshed this over cm9 and at first it need 10 minuits to boot. after this..smooth..entered pin..changed some settings reboot.. sim is already unlocked after reboot ôo try aokp 1 minuit reboot ..it reboots every minuit... in airplane mod is everything fine.... using German Eplus / Medion Mobile Sim Card
  10. Is it possible to make a Windows 7/8 rom for ZTE Skate ? i heard that already on some android phones is working Windows
  11. when i plug usb connector in an start usb connection via notification bar systemui is crashing
  12. help with porting miui

    can anyone make a androiblib_runtime.so for this that this is bootin ? i come only to bootscreen :/ port rom is here : http://www.mediafire.com/?448bm8tms4nhesc it is CM9 09/05/2012 with MIUI v4
  13. is it possible to get the MIUI statusbar( with toggle etc.) in this cm9 ? the reloaded ics isnt working anymore and the MIUI one is better ;D
  14. help with porting miui

    ok... again it is not booting up. only SplashScreen....it sucks edit: use base androidlib_runtime.so and it boots up! yeah ;D