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  1. RossMacGill added a post in a topic Bargain Watch: Second generation Chromecast and Mad Max now £25.94   

    Mine turned up today, great deal, thanks for the headsup.
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  2. RossMacGill added a post in a topic Action Launcher Pro - i've made the switch   

    just checked it out and i must say, i love it from the outset, might be cos i already knew what to expect. Thanks from the heads up Paul :)
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  3. RossMacGill added a post in a topic Amazon drops Kindle Fire to £99 / £109   

    im gonna be buying 2 of these for the kids, and was already looking at these. I would have preferred a more default android system, but oh well, here is hoping for more custom roms to come out on it.
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  4. RossMacGill added a post in a topic Google Play hits 25bn downloads (with discount deals to celebrate)   

    i was thinking about this yesterday as i just got my Nexus 7 and was wishing on a sale :)
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