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  1. Mine turned up today, great deal, thanks for the headsup.
  2. Yay! @MoDaCo and @Brightattic are giving away a @OnePlus One (maybe two!). Details here -

  3. Yay! @MoDaCo and @Brightattic are giving away a @OnePlus One (maybe two!). Details here -

  4. Gr8 Cloud file hosting/backup, if you sign up, we both get extra storage to 20GB

  5. Cross device notification sync sounds great #googleio

  6. BlackBerry bringing BBM to Android and iOS this summer

  7. Listening to the new Vampire Weekend album, think it might be my new fav album of 2013.....listen more is needed :)

  8. Action Launcher Pro - i've made the switch

    just checked it out and i must say, i love it from the outset, might be cos i already knew what to expect. Thanks from the heads up Paul :)
  9. Opps, just ordered my new phone my mistake :)

  10. Amazon drops Kindle Fire to £99 / £109

    im gonna be buying 2 of these for the kids, and was already looking at these. I would have preferred a more default android system, but oh well, here is hoping for more custom roms to come out on it.
  11. i was thinking about this yesterday as i just got my Nexus 7 and was wishing on a sale :)
  12. Just downloaded Digital Britain by @thisisdare. Get the truth about digital:

  13. Wish upstairs would stop banging there bed against the wall

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