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  1. Slow camera response?

    Yes, that is normal.
  2. Skate won't start

    Same result.. if I plug in the usb, I can't open sdcard. Does ZTE have some guide what does the blinking red means etc.? Alright, "happy" to say its not blinking anymore. Now when I turn it on, it vibrates, the back red button lights up for few seconds and then it turn off again. Help?
  3. Vine

    Why Vine? I think that Vine will be outnumbered by Instagram soon. Instagram now supports up to 15second videos :)
  4. So I got a little problem, it came out of nowhere, I didn't do anything to my phone for last month or so. Today I found it turned off, it won't start. When I put battery in it the back button is blinking very fast and when I press the off button to start it, the back button is lighting red and it doesn't do anything. I put it on charger and all of the buttons lights (white white red) and nothing happens.. any help?
  5. Chrome for our Skate

    There is currently only 1 "Chrome" armv6 app, which is basically some other browser modded into prettier colors. Altough it has chrome icon, it's not chrome. But it is a good browser, just nothing special ;)
  6. Smoothest Gingerbread launcher?

    Launcher Pro is incredibly fast. The only disadvantage is that you can't have horizontal app drawer. Still I use it primary because it's really smooth. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fede.launcher&hl=cs
  7. Yeah I actually tried all ROMs in this forum, and I already got back to Gingerbread. I'm happy with MokeeOS, which is stable, really good-looking (plain GB doesn't look that good), it's pretty fast and it doesn't take much space. http://www.modaco.com/topic/355776-romzte-skate-mokeeos-v110-cm72-android-237-06082012/ Just give it a shot, it's basically perfect daily driver. Still, if you don't like the older ROMS, I suggest ParanoidAndroid/SlimBeam if you want an average system or Rootbox if you want great customization...
  8. Can I get QWERTZ here somehow? Also: my camera flash is not working, what's happening?
  9. Or just this.. http://www.modaco.com/topic/361702-ios-on-android-make-your-android-skate-look-like-iphone/ :)
  10. I hope this will be solves soon because I want to go back to GB and this will be for sure the ROM I will use since then. :)
  11. Phone "semi-bricked"

    You can't even get to TPT?
  12. Phone "semi-bricked"

    Install Skatie :)
  13. It's a really new phone, so there isn't practically anything yet. http://www.modaco.com/forum/736-huawei-ascend-g510/
  14. Subway surfers Sydney for Skate?

    You can google it very easily. Type something like "Subway surfers armv6" or "Lagfree armv6 subway surfers". Try some versions and you can tell which one works the best on our phones ;)
  15. I solved this issue by changing the security algorithm (from WPA2 to WPA I think, or some another, I really don't remember) and it worked. Only do it if you are sure your wifi is safe etc.