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  1. Nuclearcodes

    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Full Nexus 7 details!

    Dont we all hate 20% tax
  2. Nuclearcodes

    Some UK Nexus 7s to be delivered tomorrow?

    What... What... If anything, I thought Google direct costumers would get there devices first.
  3. Nuclearcodes

    The padfone!

    Well apple are almost certainly going to try and sue ASUS over this one. (It runs android) [Link] It is basically a phone/tablet/laptop/pen phone thing that is insane. It has a pen you can use as a stylus and call people with and a phone that is a phone as well as a tablet that needs the phone. Still not confused, it also has a dock that needs the tablet that needs the phone in the tablet to run [media=]
  4. Nuclearcodes

    #askmodaco - The Nexus 7

    Does it support an 360 or ps3 controller? (for games) Would a microUSB to USB adapter work with a controller?
  5. Here, this is a mirror for the V2 version only (I can post as many versions as anyone wants, only V2 for now) = DOWNLOAD
  6. I can host an alternate mirror that will be unlimited and fast if you want
  7. Thanks No one seemed to reply before, very helpful!
  8. Lets try this one more time ... There is one Gapps installer that works and it doesn't install Google play rendering it useless. Is there any alternative Gapps that work other than the ones liked here or in the AKOP-REMIX as that doesn't work with coldfusionX! The Gapps never seem to install! TPT: European Blade - 512MB RAM GEN 2 System: 160MB Data: 294MB Cache: 2MB
  9. Gapps still don't seem to install properly on my blade, any suggestions?
  10. Any one with a GAPPS problem use http://code.google.com/p/ics4blade/downloads/detail?name=gapps-ics-20111128.zip&can=2&q= (worked for me)
  11. I have a problem with the latest build that GAPPS isn't working and that it removes features rather than adds them Help is much appreciated (Great ROM, runs really smooth)