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  1. MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 42 - We're BACK!

    Is there any reason the ZTE v967s is better than the Blade V? They look like similar specs and obviously the Blade will come with UK support/warranty
  2. Nook HD+ & Play Store: Old dog & new tricks?

    I got a nook hd+ a few months ago and I love it. I couldn't stand the custom nook interface so I installed cm10.1 from xda developers. It is fully functional and obviously gives a full stock feel. It can now completely replace the default o/s If anyone is bothered about cases, I'd recommend the poetic cases on amazon - I have one that cost £10 and it fits perfectly and meets my needs perfectly. I would agree with all of Paula pros but because of the xda community I wouldn't count future upgrades as a con as it already has android 4.2.2. One other con for me is the proprietary power lead, if you want a replacement or an hdmi lead you need to pay over the odds and/or import from America!
  3. [In-Call Volume Too High Problem]

    Hi, I had this on all CM versions but always manage to sort it. I did it (whilst in a call) by pressing volume up a lot of times then pressing volume down a lot of times. If this doesn't work you could repeat this process a couple of times. Once I had managed to change the volume it didn't ever revert to the original volume so volume was fine after that.
  4. I'd recommend the Barnes and Noble Nook HD+. I bought a 16gb one brand new from eBay for £125. Very fast dual core processor, 1gb ram, micro sd slot. 9 inch screen and it is better than full hd resolution. They have not been very popular because the stock o.s. is useless but there is a very stable CM10.1 over at XDA that makes this an amazing tablet. Build quality is good, it is thin and light and it's so good I bought one for my mum and she loves it too.
  5. Hi, Sorry to be a pain but it's stopped logging again. Thanks
  6. Okay, thanks for the information. I see the missing logs now. Thanks a lot for your help :)
  7. Hi, reading the IRC logs has given a really useful glimpse into the progress of the CM roms but the logging appears to have stopped. Has anyone else been logging or is there a way to re enable them? Thanks
  8. Thanks for clarifying. I have no doubt you will fix it, the work you have done is incredible. Just FYI - my wifi freezes more often than not. It's not a problem but if there's any info you need then just let me know.
  9. Hi daz, thanks for this ROM and all your hard work. I've been patiently waiting on this ever since you started! Well worth the wait, thanks. I'll be donating soon, hope others will too. I have upgraded to R2 and I am still having wifi freezes. Is there anything I should have done differently - I just used the OTA updater as per your post. Thanks again.
  10. I just got my G300 this week, updgraded from a Blade with CM7. I'd love to see CM7 on the G300 if CM9/10 are going to be problematic. Fingers crossed Qiwu will share eventually.
  11. Jack I got a new digitiser and it worked a treat. Thanks for your help
  12. Thanks Jack - I assume it is fairly likely that this will fix my issue? Everything else on the phone is working fine so I assume a new digitiser will work, just don't want to wast my time/money! I gather from reading the thread that a lot of digitisers from ebay are faulty? Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I often read these forums but have never posted. I was after some advice from you guys please.... I have just replaced the mid chassis of my blade but now I have put it back together the touch screen is not working. I have taken a lot of phones apart and am not really sure how I could have damaged the digitiser ribbon. I have read the entire thread here and noticed people have mentioned the silver bits of foam but I have checked and they seem to be in place. People have mentioned cleaning them - what would I do it with? Is there anything else that I should have done? I will buy a new digitiser if you think this will sort the problem but I am wary that this may not be the problem because I cannot see any damage. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks