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  1. chikalex

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    All needed files should be here. And here is tutorial how to unlock this phone.
  2. Sorry, missed this post: Will make translation tomorrow, and will add manual to OP.
  3. Guys from 4pda.ru figured out method how to unlock this device!!! (mean cellular provider lock). If anyone who needs this instruction to be translated to English and posted here, I can do this. Translation of instructions is not an easy work, so I need at least a couple of voices (However one voice is enough for me) to start translating it ;)
  4. Thank you very much for information. Will try this method. Didn't found the thread on 4pda before, will keep my eyes open in future)
  5. I want to order ZTE Skate Acqua. Anybody knows how to unlock it? I am using another mobile provider, and do not want change it.
  6. Creating these folders will work only if stock ringtones are working correctly. After copying needed mp3 to "ringtones" folder you have to set this mp3 in sound settings as you ringtone. This is used only to eneble custom ringtone setting. Creating this folders in no way will affect anything else. Try to format system before you flash new ROM.
  7. Try to create folder: /media/audio/ringtones/ - copy needed ringtone there (this is /media/audio/alerts/ - for alerts /media/audio/notifications/ - for notifications then you get this file available in your settings to set as ringtone or alert or etc. (for ringtones it works, for other two - not sure)
  8. Hello CECO! Thanx for your great work! Now I'm downloading 16.06 ROM, it seems that MD5 checksum is incorrect in first post (in goo there is different md5 for this file). Think you had not enough time to update md5 string in first post. Please check this when you get free minute.