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  1. SaDoKa did a kind of review of what is currently not working on 014 a few posts ago here btw, the solution for the battery issue (#13) is to wipe battery stats from recovery it might also help for #12
  2. Try to format (wipe) the /data and /system partitions from the recovery between the steps 16) and 17) of the guide you followed. The solution was given by Nightranger73 in this thread a while ago. There's a more detailed process here (wiping the /data is at step 24)
  3. just installed CM9 014 + boot.img + Trip's repackaged Gapps, wiped everything (/data /cache /system, dalvik cache + battery stats) - shutdown does not work properly : it works like a reboot as the hox restarts immediately - the GApps' wizard doesn't work properly : an intent selector is displayed with a default action and another choice ; the wizard failed a couple of times I'm going back to Paul's MCR as I need my phone
  4. Same problem when I was on 013. As it was annoying I did a RUU (1.29.401.11) then I installed Paul's vanilla MCR I'm waiting for 014 release to come back on Trip's ROM Can you give a little bit more details ?
  5. good to know I'll wait for 014 before flashing again ;-) EDIT : BTW, did you execute the RUU from windows or manually ?
  6. my phoen shows ** relocked ** and the bellow ** security warning ** mine too, and it was impossible to start android : the phone returns to fastboot mode I had to apply the RUU (Windows only) to get a fresh install. The other solution is to unlock the bootloader and flash another unsigned ROM (CM9 or another else) with the appropriate boot.img EDIT : ive got the ZIP with all the .img files but dont know if all of them are flashable using fastboot ect.. Maybe can you find some help here I've tried it before but it fails on the fastboot flash system system.img Something like error 6 (*if I don't make mistake*) ... I don't what it means, so I gave up !!... :-( Let us know how it works
  7. just enter "fastboot oem lock" from fastboot into bootloader then it should work ... I'm doing it right now. BTW, are-you trying to flash it manually ? If so, could you tell us how you do it ? EDIT : I've just done it with CWM recovery and locking the bootloader
  8. You'll see some more stock ICS (vanilla) but there still are a lot of Sense stuff. Give your "kitchen" a try ... nothing to loose
  9. My HOX (013 - 013's boot.img - fully wiped - erase cache - gapps) self-rebooted yesterday. I wasn't using it at the moment. The screen was on, on the lockscreen. Is there a way to find what causes the reboot from the logcat ? or by any other mean ?
  10. What you're looking for is here, a CM9 based ROM developed independently by TripNDroid / TripNRaVeR. At this moment, this ROM is in 013, still in development and thus not as rock-solid as Paul's ones. It also lacks the stock app for camera which use the advanced capabilities of the HOX as it is Sense-based. It also lacks the FM radio application, and maybe others too.
  11. You need to format the /data partition when you are in recovery before flashing the ROM .zip file Look for "wipe data/factory reset" in recovery
  12. Everything you need to know is here @Trip : thanks
  13. I should have been more specific : you have to ensure that you can flash the ROM provided here on a branded phone and that it won't brick your phone.
  14. I'm not sure you can get rid of O2 branding and locking on their network. If you can (I don't know), then the process is basically 1) unlock bootloader : head to htcdev site 2) install recovery : some help here on part B 3) install the MCR : very same as here but with the MCR ROM 4) final step, ensure your can enter recovery from the bootloader : part H) and then part G) if you can't enter the recovery
  15. XDA has a disaster recovery thread [TUT] Disaster Recovery - How to recover from nearly everything [updated 28/04/2012] In the end, it consists in applying the RUU suitable for your One X. HTC One X RUU are in the thread [ROM]Endeavor Shipped ROM Collection