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  1. s2e is only exclusive to cyanogenmod CM, use mount2sd instead.
  2. Good for you Fizz.. :) I have to reboot this phone again.. and see if this is working... :huh: Edited: It's working well. Only superbeam is causing the problem. :D
  3. Hi all users, Anyone tried Portable Wifi hotspot? Mine got an error.
  4. Been waiting for native wifi to be fixed. I'm using superbeam to transfer big files... ^_^ Overall this is a huge advancement. :D
  5. Thanks zeelog for this unending revival of our phone. :D To all users, can you post some screenies of KITKAT, I'm pretty curious of how it is look like in our blade... :wub:
  6. I think for our beloved ROM this is the optimized latest update. Though I would like the camera of Froyo, It has all that you need: hardware acceleration for videos and usable camera. :D Many thanks jventura.. ^_^
  7. [DEV][ROM][20.12.] CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3.1)

    Simple answer: NO The ROM is only made for Blade 3.
  8. Android 4.4 Kit Kat

    I have a same feelings for you plantroon, but there are only very few devs who are very smart like KonstaT that are willing to develop Roms for us for free. :D Companies are also abandoning sources and unwilling to develop them cause it will incur a lot of money for them... All we can do is to say thank you to devs or donate to them or help them develop or cheer them up!!! :D B)
  9. Sign in to your account: gmail account... after successful sign in, usually google play will eventually appear... Can be found in Settings => accounts => Add Account choose Google I tried many roms and some of them wanted to have a sign in first so that google play will appear. ^_^
  10. I use gosms to make a back-up of my sms. I also use TB to back-up all my apps. then restore gosms using TB and restore sms using gosms. :D
  11. Zte Dialer Addon For SWEDISH SNOW RLS7...

    Wow I like the Froyo theme and you made it! COOL! :D
  12. Rom developers should help the useres!

    "Rom developers should help the useres!" *users And USERS should donate to all developers who help them! pretty fair don't you think? :P anyway If you browse through the forum, devs (and other knowledgeable users) are really helping the users. It is only scattered everywhere and some of the answers are very hard to find. I think you want the collaboration of all the works of devs in one single tutorial/book. If someone did that, that will be a whole set of encyclopedia. :D of course all the users MUST DONATE to this person, because it is very tedious thing to do. :P
  13. New version of cyanmobile ??

    can we see the screenies of the builds? :) Thanks
  14. You can also use s2e modifid by konsta. it can be found also in this thread. I am using s2e now without any problem.