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  1. Hello everybody...i just wanted to tell you that some guys have succesufully booted CM11 to our Huawei y530,still in pre Alpha stage but they are optimistic,so if anyone can help or contribute in any way,they are welcome! Here is the link! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2754481&page=138
  2. S3RiOUSS

    Any info on modding Huawei Y530?

    First of all thanks for that answer...second of all i get what ur saying and i would also go for moto or zte but the thing is here in serbia its hard to find a place that sells phones with good specs and have decent price,its either really high end or bottom of the line phones.There is really no good middle class devices.This is the best i could get performance/price wise...also its too expensive ti buy over ebay or amazon...stupid laws! Again thanks for the answer!
  3. Hello there i have been using custom roms for a while on my old zte blade and it was a lot of fun,and im greatfull to all people who made it possible.I just got myself new huawei y530 with android 4.3 and the rom is quite fast,but i see a lot of potential in modding overclocking and kitkat on this devie,so i just wanted to know are there any plans by cm team or dazzozzo for modding this phones rom?Thanks in advance for reply!:-)
  4. S3RiOUSS


    For some reason that file is missing for me,im using Androlum rom.Can you or anybody else upload that file here cuz i cant find a download anywhere. Alsk im using es file explorer to browse system/etc but i dont think es cant see the file,i think its missing.
  5. Hi just a quick question,why the ZTE Blade 2 doesn't have a media_profiles.xml? I wanted to try and edit some things but couldn't find it? Can media_profiles.xml from Blade 1 work on Blade 2?
  6. All opera versions work just fine the dolphin and default one doesn't work at all,my bigger concern are apps crashing.Don't know if somebody mention it already but like 50% if not more apps crash. Even Quadrand and mail apps,besides that rom seems quite fast and responsive.
  7. Fixed WiFi and Bluetooth,both working now!
  8. Ok i reflashed,this time without int2ext+ and appstore works now,but still no Wi Fi...... :( Alsoi must say camera surprised me pleasantly. This is the only ROM that allowed me to successfully record video in 800x480 resolution using lg camera. But failed to record in h264 codec. I tryed many roms and if anyone is interested here are my results: MAX Settings i achieved: This rom - 800x480,h263 at 5mbps Fish N Chips,CM7 - 640x480,h263 at 3mbps Kick Ass Rom,GB Stock - 640x480,h264/mp4 at 5 mbps All roms were limited to 15 fps no matter what quality settings atre......:( I dont know why some roms record fine in h264 while other fails...... Video playback works smooth with NO glitches what so ever.Settings are: 800x480 Resolution,h264 codec at 5 mbps and mp3 at 128 kbps
  9. Hey guys i just flashed and everything is working great but with this rom i am unable to connect to wi fi or use bluetooth....i dont really care about bluetooth but i need WiFi.Any way to fix this? In about phone it says Wi-Fi MAC Adress - Unavaible Also everytime i launch appstore screen flicker and shut down appstore....
  10. First of all LOL!I cannot believe what this topic has become.I think that Crescent have much more potential still,its just up to dedication to make it possible.After reading mixed reactions and Dazzozzo's posts i am not sure if Crescent will get any new updates. :(
  11. Hey guys i have been away for a while now and come back and see that modified omx libs are here,finally! Also i would just like to say thanks to Dazzozo and i am ready to use bugged CM10 then go back to that sluggish GB!