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    I just cant figure out this ROM. Upon installing what i get is cm7.2 with status bar at the bottom of the phone and not as shown in the screenshots and also i cant get the MPengine working. Whats wrong here desalesouche? I think i did everything as it was supposed to be done.
  2. No problem; Just keep on bringing new things :P - who would mind ICS on their phones ;). By the way i have replaced this ROM with some other and pretty soon(as soon as i get fast internet) i am going to install the ROM 6.1 in your signature. Looks good in the pictures.
  3. No problem; Just keep on bringing new things :P - who would mind ICS on their phones ;). By the way i have replaced this ROM with some other and pretty soon(as soon as i get fast internet) i am going to install the ROM 6.1 in your signature. Looks good in the pictures.
  4. nattysinister

    [Development][ROM] cm9

    Interested??? Anyday! Go ahead help us make our Pulse awesome.
  5. You must have done it wrong then. Extract the zip v0.1 and v0.2 files and replace only the boot.img file in v0.1 from v0.2. Do not replace the other files i.e. the meta-inf folder. Then use 7-zip to compress(which is best imo) these files back to zip. Remember to select the 3 files i.e. meta-inf folder,replaced boot.img file and system folder and add them to zip and not add the folder you extracted them to zip. Just remember to select the files and add them to zip.
  6. Well i am bored(a bit) of iphone too but this rom is by far the fastest imo and i guess that is because of the Joy launcher. I have tried other launchers on this rom namely ESPIER and ADW launcher and found each launcher to be good and snappy but Joy launcher force closes lesser number of times and is responsive all the times(may lag a couple of times but wont force close or stall). And if a Rom is based on Iphone then let it be based on it in every possible manner. Anyways I dont think there are enough Pulse users left :( leave aside using this rom. You must keep up the good work though. :) Also any good replacement for gallery and video apps in 1.2.2?
  7. I hate it when it lags so if has to look like an I-phone(not that bad actually ) to work flawlessly i would go for it!!! Otherwise I too am in support of android's look but couldn't find any other rom as good as this one.
  8. nattysinister

    JoyOS 1.2.2 Port - CM 7.2 Based 2.3 ROM Architecture

    After using this Rom for enough days i have found the following pros and cons in this room: Pros: 1. Rom is very fast and responsive but may sometimes lag. One good thing is that we can go from app to homescreen very fast i.e. the app closes quickly. 2. Very much Iphonish. Everything from launcher to dialer to lockscreen and even the settings menu and video and gallery apps are very much Iphone like. 3. Launcher is phenomenal- fast scrolling and doesn't crashes or force closes even once. 4.. Wi-fi is working flawlessly and i guess Domica shoulld remove wi-fi from 'not-working' list and should just tell the way to make it work. I find it to be a bit slow though. Could be just me!!! 5. Battery backup is superb. I always have my phone on full brightness untill the battery reaches 20%. It makes through 10-13 hours on moderate use easily. 6. Dialer is responsive and i get calls instantly which i was unable to get in 1.2.4. Again COULD be just me. 7. Brilliant work done on the scroll down menu in the status bar. Has two separate sections for notifications and switch. Cons: 1. Gallery and Video apps are below mediocre and need improvements. There wasn't a single time that Video app didn't freeze a couple of times before acting normally. 2. Play store was sluggish- maybe due to bad internet speeds i am getting although i have good internet connection. 3. File Explorer too force closes many a times and opens successfully on second attempt. 4. Launcher becomes sluggish if many apps are added and starts to scroll slowly but doesn't hang not even once just a bit slow sometimes. 5. Startup screen is very bad and needs to be like in 1.2.4(if possible). So all in all these are the main things i came up with. If anyone(if anyone still interested in Pulse :( ) wants to know something else before installing the rom themselves please let me know. Bottomline:- The Cons i mentioned are really acceptable in any rom as you can replace faulty apps with the ones you prefer(except for the slow scrolling part- but that too is not too slow to use by any standards). So i would strongly RECOMMEND this rom for daily use- actually better then every other rom imho.
  9. I am more then happy to test new roms as long as i have a Pulse- (the phone not real one) and as long as someone like yourself is willing to help the community. I wish i could do more then just testing but i don't really have that much knowledge. As far as testing goes i was really fed up of the battery thing and just had to move on. And i moved on or rather i downgraded. I installed JOYos 1.2.2 posted by you and was shocked to see the Iphon-i-ness in that rom. I mean the Lockscreen, Call screen, Settings, And specially the LAUNCHER was just so much identical to the apple's marvel phone. So what happened with 1.2.4? Nothing related to iphone. It has Holo launcher, Android's call screen and much boring stuff. Hence i wanted to know something- I am skeptical if this is the right place to ask or shall i post this on Joyos 1.2.2's page but anyways- 1. Given the battery backup you are saying you got on those settings in 1.2.4 is there a way of making it look identical to 1.2.2? If not possible- 2. Could you please tell me how to get 1.2.4's startup screen in 1.2.2 ,i.e, the apple's logo and loading icon below?
  10. This is a dream port and makes me wonder what a old hardware like that of Pulse can still do. Pros- 1. Super fast but not that smooth for first few minutes of use but gets better somehow. 2. Wi-fi works flawlessly. 3. Darktremor A2sd support and 30mb RAM always available. 4. Can play Age of Empire :D which wouldn't even start in other Roms. and many more. Cons- 1. The first and really HUGE con is the battery life. Battery drains at a speed of 1% per 2-3 seconds even if you dont use it hard. Really astonishing. Playing a game drained 20% of battery in 5 minutes. 2. I dont recieve calls instantaneously. There is a delay of about 15 seconds between the call is connected and when i get it on my phone.
  11. nattysinister

    [GB] MIUI 2.4.9 RC1 (Real MIUI, Not mod)

    Forget about good things i mentioned. This is way back then being a stable ROM as mentioned in description(it is RC1). Problems don't go away and some of the most stubborn ones are those i mentioned already with low RAM being the most troublesome and may be the most common problem. One more issue---NO CALL RECORDING from rec. feature pre-installed. It just creates a 6b .amr file(which doesn't open) no matter how long or short the recording is. There were some other issues too but i guess development on this ROM has ended so no use of mentioning them and hence the bottomline is that: This ROM could have been a breakthrough and a breath of freshest air for Pulse owners but i guess this too failed to be stable enough.
  12. nattysinister

    [GB] MIUI 2.4.9 RC1 (Real MIUI, Not mod)

    Installed it yesterday on U8220/Pulse. I encountered these problems: 1. Can not install many of the apps such as auto call recorder, whatsapp, Documents to go and may be many more. I successfully installed appsplanet. I haven't tried Market yet just tried installing from apk. 2. It is still slow but not buggy(less force closes then cm 7.2) but going back to home screen from any app by long pressing home/back button always causes force close. 3. Ram always low. Any way to close unwanted apps and processes(I heard we can long-press home button to do this) but in U8220 home and back button are same so may be you can make long-pressing trackball perform this function(just a suggestion Don't know if it is even possible). 4. Low quality pictures everywhere---everything seems to be more pixelated(may be just me). And one more thing---can someone tell me how to make phone to continuously ring when i receive a call as it rings for 2-3 seconds and then just vibrate. EDIT: Such a bad thing i just complaint like a whiner. Let us just know the great things too: 1. Super beautiful just opposite to stock android which is ugly as hell. 2. Finally A music player which can be called great, actually phenomenal (I would advice everyone to go for this player---just outstanding.) 3. Fantastic lockscreen. Just so beautiful looking almost like the golocker and other apps which consume huge memory to give such a view. 4.Drop-down menu shows Notifications as well as finely crafted(icons) toggles which is verrrry useful. and counting...