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  1. Have some problems: proximity sensor is still working bad for me (callerid, screen doesn't torn on, if I place the phone away from ear) light sensor in R2 worked amazing, but in R3 most of time I have max brightness, if I turn on auto brightness And I want to give some advices: I've tested all governors and shedulers. The most perfomance have InteractiveX and SmartassV2, but SmartassV2 is more friendly to battery. The best read/write speed was on noop, and it has least number of cpu cycles. I turned on SmartassV2 governor and noop sheduler and I achieved 4580 points (Antutu). Sorry for my bad English :(
  2. Just enabled export from vk

  3. Tell me, please, how can I disable it? Quality of a call is low now, people don't hear me and there's an echo effect. It's a very big problem for me.
  4. Daz, please, disable dual mic. I had no problems, when it was disabled, but now people don't hear me, it's a very big problem. Or tell me, please, how to disable dual mic.
  5. Does 2D acceleration option change something in this rom? Is it useful? Does HW acceleration work in this rom? Should I tick this option in settings to enable it? Thanks.
  6. Dendi красавец #ti2ru

  7. сегодня в 13.18 ты сама извинилась. пожалуй, самый памятный момент в нашей жизни :))

  8. Hi everyone. Sorry for my english, because I'm russian and I don't use any translators. So, I have a very big problem - people do not hear me - the sound is very very low. When I bought my u8815 people didn't say that they don't hear me. But then I installed many new roms - ics 404, then ics official, then b88x... do not remember... Then I had a problem with low ext speaker volume... And I installed b886 and then restored my first rom through clockwork and I fix speaker bug. But now I have mic bug. My first rom is b891. I think I should clean install this rom (b891), but I can't find it. Help me please! Thanks.
  9. Арбитр в сегодняшнем матче Украины-Англии, конечно, контрацептив еще тот...

  10. Господи, хватит обсирать сборную России. Люди такие классные. Выиграли - "ааа, порвем всех, мы лучшие, они игра... http://t.co/QrLaH7bJ