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  1. Which version of INT2EXT is best, because i found alot of version on google. Btw, i have partition on SD, so does it change something new,or just format this one and make it new.? http://androidweeds.com/int2ext-script/
  2. Hi guys. After months of using MokeeOS, i try this one and for now i am pleased, at least i think so. Only one thing confuse me. I CANT find how to clock him to 902 mhz. Simply cant find it. Can someone help me about it? And there is one more thing. I use Link2SD app so far and have 512 mb ext partition and all was great, but now it seams that my memory is full pretty faster then before. Is it something wrong with it? I follow the procedure about installing fresh one. Thats 2 questions that i have for you all to help me solve it. Tnx in advance.
  3. Some time ago, someone here link me a Temple run 2, apk for dl, for armv6 for Skate. Is there a SS Sydney in version for Skate and armv6?
  4. I install this rom and also gapps which you posted in 1st post, but i got problem that show my Play cant download some apk from market and says that my device isnt compatible with this version. i try another gapps and also get same error, some apkcan download some cant. plz help me.
  5. problem with google play

    Try another version of gapps? Maybe some new? I had some similar problems with gapps, but after google search and few downloads and installs all went good.
  6. Temple run 2

    Tnx goes to Nemanja...i do enjoy :) and ofc to all others who reply.
  7. Temple run 2

    Tnx all for making this clear to me. Totally forget about graphic chip. :(
  8. Temple run 2

    Did anyone try to install a Temple run 2? I did it, not from Play, because it says that i cant do it, and i dont know why? IT required Android 2.2 as i remember, and i have 2.3.7 Mokee OS. When i install it from *apk, it always show me Force close message. Anyone know why that happen?
  9. Partition SD card

    Tnx ppl. I made it already. It was successful.
  10. Partition SD card

    What get wiped? All from SD? How i turn on phone then? Kinda noobish questions, but thats me.
  11. Partition SD card

    Hello all. I have one question about partition thing. I use Mokee rom, and it work fine, but problem is when i was switching from stock to custom rom, i did not do a partition on my SD, and now when i install few apps from Market it almost always say that i running on low space. I do have app2sd but look like it doesnt do all the job. So question is, what is most easy and simple way to increase the space of internal memory and chance to install more apps or games on my Skate.? Tnx for answer :)
  12. Hi, tnx for nice work. I read it that falsh on camera wil not work, and its ok with me. Question is why i cant install nothing from Market, i always get an error which say this. " (Error while retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]) Whats the problem?