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  1. Ram & Cache

    me not find 'jellybean app' on play store ^^
  2. Made me laugh out loud. I agree with this 100%.
  3. Gaming on the Huawei ascend g300

    I have had a much better gaming experience since reverting back to GB. Everything just works so much faster.
  4. PS3 had a patch hit today but it's still a buggy mess.
  5. off topic but they done a decent job with xcom :)
  6. A... little... difficult... to... troubleshoot... considering... the... information... you... provided...
  7. This.. would.. really.. help.. Come on Paul share the goods so we can all brick, I mean fix our devices.
  8. best browser

    I gotta hope that's either a typo or auto correct went haywire :D
  9. Boot scripts

    Init.d should do what you need. Go go search
  10. BNC = Brand New Cardigan? Confused
  11. Oh my... giggle Checking updater script ftw!
  12. @ Ludak021 Your phone likely came with android 2.3 how did you upgrade to Android 4.0 and which version of ics did you upgrade too?