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  1. You mad. Thanks.
  2. SIV sucks, I still pref my mtk ;)
  3. We are high!
  4. No, I don't, sorry.
  5. My G300 died yesterday, and now I'm reading this. I know what was the problem now... Thanks, it is on waranty now ;)
  6. Here you have a flashable zip for it. Regards !
  7. I incluided Viper Audio on R3 and no one said it was good or bad, so I left it as optional on add-ons section, as you can imagine I'm not going release a new version for incluiding some apps (that not all users will like) and then in the next version erase it. I think the work on this rom is done for me if Huawei don't update Y300/G510's firmwares. About Bravia, it just work properly on Sony devices. Regards !
  8. For me MIUI itself is really good, but on G300 it is laggy and no so usable. I return to my daily rom backup. Regards !
  9. R4 is UP, enjoy it !
  10. This afternoon R4 will be up I think ;)

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