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  1. So camera flash working or not ? Thanks.
  2. You dont need to use tpt with TT+ phone :)
  3. Is there anyway to change launcher settings ? How we can make to change all icons and everything to look like samsung? Thanks.
  4. Is there any other way to install this cuz when i wipe dalvik cache my phone dont boot ?
  5. Hello , can someone reupload this to some free file sharing ? Thanks.
  6. Hi , i have Telenor touch plus in Serbia , you dont need to unlock the phone to install custom rom , you have to root the phone and install cwm (i have 5.0.... cwm) , than install the rom but after install when you see green android for first boot wait about 5-10min. I suggest you to install jelly bean slim rom , i am using thaty rom and it is great. Pozdrav
  7. So I reinstaled the rom and battery drain is gone , trying turn on BT is the bug wich caused so much drain.
  8. @Gbosh Mate do u know what is this msm_serial_hs_dma wakelock ? I sudenly experience high battery drain and phone is awake all the time , better battery app says that msm_serial_hs_dma wakelock is keeping phone up. First 2 days i tought that this is the best rom i ever used than u tried bluetooth wich cant be turned on but stays in running apps , i force closed bluetooth in running apps but i think since than the msm_serial_hs_dma wakelock is killing my battery. Can you help please ? Thanks.
  9. Can u write details what u did ? i am using this script and its working ok , i have P736E phone mabe thats the reason. Did u formated sd card before installing script ?
  10. - OPTIONAL: Compatible INT2EXT+ script: http://tinyw.in/Zjvl (flash after flashing rom and gapps) This works fine.
  11. Great working rom , fast , stable , not eating the battery :) And i noticed some error , slow on transfering files over usb from pc to sd card.
  12. Gbosh thank you for all your work and please can you port this rom to our crescent ?
  13. Ok thanks , but i realy dont use wifi also i dont use gps , i just installed this rom for first time , i keep brightnes close to minimum , i have custom pic for background but i just go through settings to set up the phone and i see every minute my battery drop for 2%. So mabe watching my battery is not needed cuz its sleeping good just eating battery like hell if i use it. I noticed in running apps that phone uses over 300mb of ram , i tried to stop app's in cache but no efect. Also can i somehow change that when i go to contacts from dialer they show up some other way ? Thanks guys.
  14. Hey Gbosh , thanks for your work and this rom is great , but realy it is battery killer , can you somehow fix this ? If i use phone setings about every minute i lost 2% of battery , it is realy too much. Again thanks for your amazing work.