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  1. BrianChorlton

    Parrot hands free

    Hi I have no problem pairing my parrot ck3000 evolution and can make calls etc. my problem is when going through the parrot menu and get to "add voiceprints" which is obviously the ideal way to full handsfree I can't see any instructions by huawei how to do this. Does this sound stupid. Any instructions on how to do this gratefully received
  2. BrianChorlton

    remove / unpair bluetooth device

    Hello there I am having same problem removing my redundant net book. Could you tell me where I find the "search for devices" Sorry being thick but I am new to this phone and still learning but must say I love it. Thanks for your help
  3. Having returned my ascend g300 purely because of volume issues, I bought another one having read how it's easy to solve the problem. I love this phone, but am struggling to set it up with my Parrot car hands free. Pairing the device is simple but can anyone help into how I how I get my contacts into the Parrot for hands free use. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. BrianChorlton

    Low Speaker Volume

    I purchased the huawei ascend g300 3 weeks ago from vodafone on line and the firmware update talked about was already on the phone, and no further updates available. The ringer volumes were still very poor indeed which in my opinion spoilt a very nice phone, so returned my phone to Vodafone under the 7 day return policy.
  5. BrianChorlton

    Volume still poor

    Maybe I should go and get my ears syringe ang get all the wax out lol
  6. BrianChorlton

    Volume still poor

    Hi there. I have checked in the settings and the firmware is B885, and all the sliders in volume are set to full on.
  7. BrianChorlton

    Volume still poor

    Hi Runlevel5 I have returned my phone under the 7 day option, and waiting for my money to be put back into my account. I then intend to go to the Vodafone shop as I got the last one on line My purpose for raising ths issue again is I would really like to get another one but am a little concerned at the low volume. At least by talking face to face with someone I will be able to discuss the issue.
  8. I purchased a new g300 from Vodafone which was,I was assured had the latest firmware to iron out the volume problem(b885 I believe) Just to be sure I went into settings and asked for updates on firmware and software but advised none were available. I found the ringtones could barely be heard and in fact missed messages and calls. While I admit to my hearing not being as good as when I was younger, my son and daughter both commented on the poor volume. This was quite disappointing as I loved all other aspects of the phone and for £100 I suppose one shouldn't grumble. Any advise or guidance out there will be much appreciated
  9. BrianChorlton

    Email! and low volume?

    Could you tell me where you got the update from, as there is no reference to it on Huawei website. Thanks for any help.
  10. BrianChorlton

    Huawei ascend g300 speakers

    Hi runlevel 5 I have done everything correct and like you say re-booted. There is one thing I have been thinking about. I have just upgraded to a sim only contract and the guy at Vodafone said I could buy a payg phone ie the huawei ascend g300 and insert my existing contract sim. I wonder if it's possible that because of this it's not picking up any updates although it clearly says B885 as the firmware. It's sad really as I love the phone despite one or two quibbles like keyboard and stuff but for £100 it's a bargain, but no good if I can't hear the thing clearly. Phone conversation is crisp and clear. Shame
  11. BrianChorlton

    Huawei ascend g300 speakers

    Thanks for that info the munger is B885 but still unsure if this is the latest firmware version. Thanks for your help
  12. BrianChorlton

    Huawei ascend g300 speakers

    Hi thanks for that info the number b885 but don't know if this is the latest firmware if it is it's very low volume indeed
  13. Took delivery of new phone yesterday on the reports that a firmware upgrade had solved the well known speaker problem many have spoken about. On starting the phone I went to firmware and software upgrades and was advised no upgrades available, so assumed that the hone was upto date. Alas the ring tones etc can hardly be heard. I am a little hard of hearing but my wife has wonderful hearing and said she would struggle to hear calls or message, and thats with full volume. Is there any way I can tell from settings if this phone has the latest upgrades. If not afraid it will have to be returned and that's a shame as its a lovely phone for the price. Any help appreciated