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  1. Thanks, sanek. Yet another good port from you. Keep going with this. ;)
  2. Changelog (for initial changes see C3C0's and KonstaT's second posts): 27.03.2013 Based on [20.03.2013]RootBOX and [24.03.2013]CM10.1 26.02.2013 Based on [22.02.2013]RootBOX and [20.02.2013]CM10.1
  3. This is port of C3C0's RootBOX for ZTE Skate for our ZTE Blade. Based on latest KonstaT's CM10.1 Sorry for Russian screens. :) Working: Wifi RIL (mobile network & data) GPS Bluetooth (& bt-tethering?) Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama) Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering Hardware video decoding & encoding SD card USB-storage & adb USB-tethering Wifi-tethering Browser Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors LEDs FM radio Issues:Missing tiles in notifications area - I have this issue with all ROMs based on AOSP (e.g. new PA, PAC, etc.) Thanks:KonstaT - for his awesome work! daemond - for his awesome work! C3C0 - for port to ZTE Skate and awesome work too! Downloads: [*][Yandex] RootBOX-JB_blade-26.03.2013.zip [*][MeGa] RootBOX-JB_blade-26.03.2013.zip [*]gapps-jb42-20130307-KonstaKANG.zip Please, sorry my bad eng. :(
  4. persist.sys.nobootanimation=1 in build.prop and bootanimation.zip in media. Hmmm....
  5. Ty3uK

    [DEV][ROM][21.5.] Firefox OS - B2G

    No, i can't port this stuff. It makes me sad.
  6. Ty3uK

    [DEV][ROM][21.5.] Firefox OS - B2G

    this's bullshit... :(
  7. Tell me please, why i don't have tiles in status bar on ROMs, which were ported from AOSP (this Paranoid and my Blade port of Skate's RootBox)? Clicking on the icon does nothing. P.S. Sorry my eng.
  8. Pecco, i've ported this ROM to Blade. On CM10.1 by KonstaT i don't have this trouble. From Russia with love, my motherland friend!
  9. daemond, what about fresh build of CM9? Can we expect this?