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  1. captainkremmen

    Ubuntu on Android :-)

    I'm afraid I was put off when you started the derogatory posts about the San Diego. To me just it just seemed like sour grapes, in that you were annoyed no one else had donated so decided to have a go at the device in a number of posts. I found it extremely childish I am afraid so decided not to bother.
  2. captainkremmen

    SIM lock status

    The Orange San Diego isn't made by Xolo, it's made by Gigabyte (owned by Intel). Orange would have no need to ask Xolo for the unlock code. If you bought an imported Xolo then why would you expect Orange to provide you with the unlock code?.
  3. captainkremmen

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Nothing wrong here, excellent build quality really. Maybe a batch or two suffered poorer build than most?.
  4. captainkremmen

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Excellent stuff, I can now get rid of the Xolo logo too.
  5. captainkremmen

    HDMI output

    I bought myself one of these, bargain at only £3.49 with free delivery. http://www.amazon.co.uk/BlueRigger-Speed-cable-Ethernet-Meters/dp/B00608XLUM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1350503077&sr=8-4 Don't be taken in with all guff about more expensive cables being better, as long as your cheapie cable is of decent construction and shielded there will be zero difference in picture and sound quality with digital cables, they will either work or they wont.
  6. captainkremmen

    Orange ICS Update

    Given that the phone is only 4 months old and is still being advertised, I seriously doubt that's the case.
  7. captainkremmen

    post your screen shots here

    That One More Clock widget, with the chrome rings display, is that same one I have on my phone. Spooky :)
  8. I simply set the Xolo apps to DISABLE in Manage Apps and have no requests to register on rebooting.
  9. captainkremmen

    Orange San Diego Review

    Just an update, Temple Run works fine on the Xolo ICS update on a San Diego now. :)
  10. captainkremmen

    [Q] ICS Time Bug?

    Time fine here and I am using the stock ICS launcher now. Time on lock screen currently shows 5.28pm, and it's fine on clock widget too. Weird that others have problems.
  11. captainkremmen

    post your screen shots here

    Thanks for that, there's some good ones in there.
  12. Not necessary. After a bit of deliberation, I decided "ah to hell with it" and took the plunge. I upgraded direct from Orange GB to Xolo ICS with absolutely no problems at all. You will still have all the Orange apps doing it this way, but whether that is a good thing depends on whether or not you use them. First impressions, this thing is very fast and smooth. It was already fast and smooth of course, but it now just seems to be more so. You lose a little functionality on the camera, as there are less options to fiddle with, but I can confirm the much mentioned clicking when recording video in HD with autofocus is now gone, and is it just me, does picture quality seem very slightly better on HD recording?. Stills look much the same, although selecting Vivid improves colour saturation and pictures are now really very good outdoors in bright light.
  13. But ever since no one donated you've just been very negative. OK, this isn't the Galaxy SIII but for the money it's still one of the best featured phoned out there. I paid the full price at launch and have been very pleased with it so far (apart from it being on Orange, crap network in this area, and on pay day it will be unlocked (I'll pay the £20 if we don't have sim unlock for free by then) and then stick ICS on it.
  14. Yeah just had a good read of the root thread. Given the hoops you sometimes have to jump through to get root on phones that are easier than the SD to root initially, now that it's happened it seems a surprisingly easy procedure (does that make sense?, it did when I typed it).
  15. :D :D I am seriously impressed, I had almost given up hope. I may even be tempted to head to the Orange shop on pay day, get the phone unlocked, then stick ICS on and root the thing too. Just because I can.