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  1. I have a budget of USD 200 for a new phone. Must have: 5.5 " screen LTE with all UK frequencies 800, 1800, 2100, 2600 Any ideas, folks.
  2. Got a P8000 in the middle of August. Very impressed to begin with but after 2 weeks the screen just glow a purple colour all over. Phone appears to be booting up but just this slightly bright, purple hue all over the screen. Have been in contact with Aliexpress and Elephone but they have not been very helpful. Seems like warranty is a word they do not understand. Hpw has yours been performing, Paul?
  3. Thread has been moved to "Android General Discussion"
  4. Yes, that was bothering me, so that rules it out. Any other suggestions for 4G and 5.5inch screen.
  5. Is the Coolpad F2 suitable for use in the UK ?
  6. Just got a Samsung Note 3 from work so my F1 (reluctantly) is surplus to requirements. Going to put it on ebay and would appreciate any thoughts on a reasonable price? (In UK)
  7. Just received 3 screen protectors from this company. Look like good quality. Ordered 10 days ago and received in UK today . Free via China Airmail
  8. Jonzalvos ROM which I flashed this morning has SuperSU.
  9. Not sure how you measure camera performance but it seems fine to me.
  10. Just flashed this ROM from Jonzalvo. (based on Samsung Note 3) No problems.Looks like a nice clean ROM. If I find any bugs I'll post.
  11. Just received my Imak Shell case for my F1. Also spare battery Both seem fine.
  12. I have used a template to cut them before. Just make sure you use sharp scissors out knife and don't cut into the metal bit.
  13. Shenzhen Value in Action on Aliexpress. Good service and quick delivery .
  14. Only tested it once but it locked on very quickly.
  15. Thanks

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