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  1. That's what I said. I'm not blaming this guide for anything. What I'm asking is if I need to reflash a stock rom or something so that they'll accept the device for service.
  2. Hey, I'm back again. My phone has started rebooting randomly everytime it's unplugged. I'm pretty sure that this is just a faulty phone, as I have tried restoring to the backup I made before flashing, and going back to the factory settings, but nothing seems to help. I'm going to get my phone serviced, so I want to know if I have to do any Stock ROM flashing or anything like that. I haven't done anything else than rooted the phone. I flashed Clockwork and installed Superuser. That's all. TL;DR I flashed Clockwork and installed superuser, now I'm going to get the phone serviced. Do I need to do anything before (for example, flash a stock rom) for them to accept it into service?
  3. I flashed it twice, but still I get the normal android recovery. KonstaT already told me why, but I still can't get to Clockwork recovery.
  4. I tried deleting those files, but it won't let me. I guess I'm not fully rooted after all. This is very weird. I can use some apps that require rooting, such as titanium backup and ascreenshot. I installed Clockwork ROM manager to my phone, and tried to boot into recovery that way, but that lead me to the normal android recovery, too. I guess I'll have to find a way to delete those files. Renaming didn't work, as I didn't have writing priviledges even though my phone appears to be rooted.
  5. My phone is about two weeks old, I have installed some official updates, but nothing else. Are you saying that if I delete those two files I'll be able to boot into Clockwork? Also, I noticed that you're from Finland. It might be easier for us to discuss this in Finnish as I too speak the language.
  6. I installed the Superuser without flashing the clockwork recovery, so now I'm rooted even though Clockwork doesn't work, and that's what I wanted. Case closed.
  7. Okay, I got back into the Clockwork menu, I backed up my phone and flashed it. It went well, it took only a few seconds. But now I tried to reboot into Clockwork so that I could install Superuser, instead I am greeted with the default android recovery. So, basically I have the same problem as someone else in this thread.
  8. Okay, this is getting weird. I managed to get into the Clockwork menu, I tried to backup my phone, but it failed because I didn't have enough space. Obviously that was my fault, I emptied my SD to try again, but now the cmd prompt won't recognize any commands that start with fastboot. Very annoying. I can't get into Clockwork menu anymore.
  9. ADB devices shows the phone before rebooting into bootloader, but it disappears when I enter bootloader. I guess my drivers aren't properly installed after all? Device manager also shows the device as an unknown android device after booting to bootloader.
  10. I'll keep that in mind, but I'd prefer a solution that doesn't involve installing more programs.
  11. I start the whole operation when normally booted into Android. Then I write the reboot command, and wait a few moments for the phone tobootup to the green android logo. Then I write the clockwork mod boot line, and I see the message waiting for device Could this be caused by me not having the usb driver iso mounted? I saw a message talking about daemon once,but only once.
  12. I can't get rid of the waiting for device message. I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly, as I can see my phone on if I write adb devices in the cmd prompt. I can see my phone in the devices list listed under ADB Interface, ZTE Composite ADB Interface. I'm trying to backup my phone before flashing it, but instead I am greeted with the waiting for device message. Any help?

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