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  1. This rom is getting better with every update your release! Keep up the good work :)
  2. Thanks gbosh for this, as Antiseptic said, it's super fast, no crashes so far, will know about the battery drain in 2-3 days I guess. It couldn't fit on a 200mb system partition, so I had to trim it down a bit, now everything is working. Btw, int2ext+ works fine with this ROM.
  3. ^ Here's rymate1234's CM9.2.2 with the boot.img from Dazzozo's CM9 build for the vivacity. You don't have to flash any kernel after flashing this. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2RHLIw9RQRYMjVsR0pwN0hTWGs/edit
  4. The hardware keys and 1/4 of the screen are not working on my vivacity with the E build. =/
  5. Looking forward the E build :) Keep up the good work!
  6. nice to see the new updates coming, looking forward to see the bluetooth fixed one day, among with the fm radio ^_^ keep up the good work, will give it a try :D
  7. Stable and low battery drain, almost perfect :) I was wondering why doesn't it come with Apollo and DSP manager integrated? I have managed to get the Apollo music player back but I can't get the DSP manager working again. Can someone help me?
  8. Yes, Telenor Touch plus aka T-Mobile Vivacity
  9. I have trimmed the rom down a bit, had some problems with the a2sd script among with the minimal gapps not installing the google store application. Also some functions were not working, like lockscreen and the phone was acting a bit strange. Removed: Apollo music player, Language files, Video editor, Live wallpapers, Few notifications and ringtones. Original size: 129,1mB --->>> trimmed to 111,5mB. This is the vivacity, tt+ version. http://www.mediafire.com/?aulhiji8xf4yvhh So, I have installed the trimmed rom, omx patch from the first page, minimal gapps, a2sd script and everything has worked fine untill now. Thanks for the awesome rom, will test the battery life once I manage to charge my phone back to 100%.
  10. First of all - Hello :) I bought my first Android like 1 month ago but I didn't really like the pre-installed ROM it came with. So I decided to try this one and f'n'c7. First I istalled fnc7, but to be honest, I don't really like it. Then I tried your ROM, and it's really fantastic. There are tons of customizations and options. The phone became like 3 times more functional. But there is one thing which is killing me, and it's only with this ROM - the display is requires too much battery. Let me explain, at least try to. When the phone is idle and I don't do anything on it, the battery % drops maybe 1-2 in few hours (it acts like any other ROM when in idle). But as soon as I turn it on to check my messages or simply do something it drains like 20% in 5 minutes. It barely survives 1 day while the display is on for only 30 mins. I thought I did something wrong during the flashing process, but on the stock rom and f'n'c7 I can use my phone for 2 days without any problem. The battery doesn't drop so fast when the display is on (same display settings as cm7, brightness set to minimum and 30 sec screen timeout) and it maybe uses 15-20% of battery life compared to 70-80% on cm7. I tried re-flashing it, but it didn't help. Any suggestion? Oh, almost forgot to mention, the phone is TMV, TT+ or ZTE atlas w :)