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  1. with this kernel we can port an ICS rom? ICS rom have a a great design
  2. i have time ;) Thanks for the help you do that when you can ;)
  3. can you edit the contacts and contactsprovider from zte skate to work?thank you for the help
  4. if i used the contacts.apk and contactsProvider.apk from zte skate i can't open the contacts, call log.. but i have replace that ...contacts e contacts provider from the mokee in the first page Rom V0.3.. and now full work call log too but after a call, the call log get the error android.process.acore :S (my english is a S***)
  5. i don't know how to do that, can you do that for me plase?
  6. i have replace contacts.apk but i can´t go to call Log :S it is the only problem
  7. i replace contacts.apk and contactsprovider.apk and the problem is solved but i can't go to call log =(
  8. i replace the folders and instal the rom and when i go to "phone" to do a call "error android.process.acore " how can i fix that?
  9. can i instal portuguese language pack?
  10. i have the same problem :S your animation on/off of the screen is ok?