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  1. Što ne bi otišo u mts da tražiš da ti zamene karticu? (One solution for Buffalo problem.)
  2. Could you give us screenshot with free RAM please.
  3. Red:Eagle

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    Why you didin't have network?
  4. I don't like cm10, this ROM is the way better then cm10. Give it try.
  5. Look at first post, there you can read that you should install keyboard before first boot :)
  6. Use t9 in phone app, it is quicker. Just type numbers of your contact name, for example for your first contact type 224988.
  7. I like it, thank you for save my time and remove that Chinese app, works just fine :) Edit: Mr_muffy there is no call id bug in jb ROMs.
  8. https://support.goog...b_download_scan Malware!!! wtf man? Edit: I will try to redownload....