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  1. Annoying random shutdowns

    I wrote them an e-mail directly, I got the code and successfuly unlocked the bootloader. But since I am on the bussines trip, I am not going to experiment with ROMs before I get home. Thanks everyone for usefull hints. Looking forward to enjoy new user experinece with my G300.
  2. Annoying random shutdowns

    The force unlock is paid, that is the thing. Still waiting for the code (submited two times already). :angry:
  3. Annoying random shutdowns

    I reverted to stock ICS B952 via force update, I also checked the bootloader status and I have back original one (locked status). I don't have problem that DC unlocker can't see the phone at all, it just never pull out more data than I already posted, I tried older version of DC unlocker 1664, both driver packages from official DC unlocker tutorials. I also found this https://www.dc-unlocker.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23234 Don't know if they are only trying to push him to pay for the unlock or there is really something behind when you use force update to restore bootloader... At leas no restart since I've done the force update.
  4. Annoying random shutdowns

    Hi, I read the link and tried the DC unlocker, but the linked tutorial was for different phone so I found few post later the tutorial for U8815 and need for installing correct drivers. I have done it, but there is no mention about pulling the bootlader code in official tutorial on DC unlocker site. My result is unfortunatelly the same as everybody complains: DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1084 Detecting phone : selection : manufacturer - Huawei phones model - Auto detect (recommended) Found Applications port COM5 Found Diagnostics port COM6 Model : Huawei Ascend G series IMEI : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wi-Fi MAC : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BlueTooth MAC : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIM Lock status : unlocked But no bootloader code :(
  5. Annoying random shutdowns

    I restored the bootloader according to the George's tutorial yesterday evening and I am waiting for my unlock code from Huawei. I found out, that the issue occures when I travel (switching between BTS), so so called 3G reboots is probably my issue. Hope the restore will help.
  6. Annoying random shutdowns

    To soon to celebrate, one reboot with Paul's kernel after 4 days, bearable, but I will definitely try the relock and unlock of the bootloader according to the George's. Unfortunatelly I still haven't recieved the unlock code from Huawei, I will try to submit for it again. Anyway, thanks for pointing me to the right direction.
  7. Annoying random shutdowns

    I used huawei300.com utility. I also tried the Paul's kernel as advised few post above and since then I haven't experienced any restart yet (thumbs crossed) so I am happy with Stock+ ROM from Cyda and Paul's kernel right now. Only think I hate is the unstable stock browser (same as in pure stock ROM before I even started to play with ROMs). To unlock the bootloader officially I assume I have to revert phone to original FW, BL and REC, something described as "Force update (ICS, B952 Update)" from this post, am I right? http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128117
  8. Annoying random shutdowns

    I am experiencing exactly the same issue. Root, bootloader unlock, cwm, backup via cwm and then I tested CM 11, CM 10.2 for few days, but I suffered with reboots a lot. So I restored the phone to stock B952 with CWM, but still once/twice a day i find my phone rebooted. Can you give me i hint? Which kernel use, or which topic worth reading?