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  1. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Woo, got SkyGo working on the GPE again :) Had to bodge both build.props again, but I noticed you had few extras added in (I was originally on B8, now on B12) I can upload the two props (from HTC 4.3 and B12) if anyone wants to have SkyGo working in GPE, as having the MoDaCo bit in the ro.product.model line stopped apps from working, such as Nationwide building society app.
  2. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    It's working... I just flashed Beta12, and it's booted fine, switch works. I didn't install root package for GPE :) But it booted and switched back without an issue! :D
  3. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    ??? I've just done it and flashed the rom I use via OTG and I'm in??
  4. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I'm going to clear everything, including internal SD Card, fresh flash of 4.3 and Beta12 on again... As I'm unable to boot into anything straight after flashing Beta12 (not even back to Sense) I never saw this many people having issues with Beta8-10?
  5. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I've done wipes... I've gone from 4.2 with Switch beta8, factory reset, installed 4.3, wiped, flashed beta12 and just sits on the HTC One Beats Audio screen
  6. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I've done a factory reset, installed HTC's 4.3 Sense 5... installed Beta12 and it just sits on the HTC One logo. I had no issues before with Beta8, Beta12 seems to do nothing for me though, I'm guessing it's due to the 4.3 roms that I'm running? Is switch specific to 4.2.x? I've looked in /system for SWITCH folder that it created before, but don't seem to see it. Any ideas?
  7. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I just want to confirm that after tweaking the build.prop for GE, and without rooting it, I am successfully able to watch Sky Go from my HTC One under GE :) Really pleased, best of both worlds with this. Sorry Paul, I had to take the Modaco bits out in order for it to recognise the device... I also had issues using Nationwide app when the modaco stuff in the model number bit... I don't know if you have anything against that or not...
  8. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Under the GE ROM it's not supported... wondering if butchering the build.prop to think it's a regular HTC One might work? I didn't realise they did further checks :(
  9. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Nice work, easy to get on and switch between... However, this would be amazing for SkyGo - as the secondary ROM doesn't have to be rooted... however, it's displaying as not supported, is there any way to spoof the device to something else to get this working ?
  10. XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    I've got Google Wallet now enabled, and it can see my UK debit card that was already pre-entered as it used my Checkout/Wallet online details, however I've been declined everywhere (McDonalds, Subway) - not authorised. Anyone else getting this? I guess because we're not meant to be using it...?
  11. Shipped

  12. I got no camera app - the .zip generated doesn't have one either. Camera does work though, Intagram has no problems EDIT: My mistake, I had no gallery selected, copied the ICS one thinking it was the same - but the JB GoogleGallery now contains the camera too.
  13. Just noticed I don't have the camera.apk anymore with this... think the 'old' ICS camera.apk would work?