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  1. Does anybody have the latest pre 18/11/13 version?
  2. pjautuvas

    Ascend G300 extremely slow

    CM7, CM9 and stock GB/ICS based ROMs.
  3. I don't know if everyone expierenced this, but there is no lockscreen, home button doesn't work, no toggles in notification drawer. Also there wasn't welcome screen to fill data on first boot.
  4. Help, no launcher after install or reboot. What to do?
  5. pjautuvas


    Is it possible to change screen off animation? If yes, where is it stored? This one is choppy, so I want to replace it with CM9 one.
  6. Can you reupload ROM and Gapps into a different cloud storage? MEGA download speeds are terrible in my location...
  7. Why is the screen off animation so choppy and ugly?
  8. Hello. My phone was loosing signal very often. I tried different roms and sim cards, so I think it's a hardware problem. I decided to try completely wipe everything so I flashed B934 update.app from custom modaco b888 rom. When I started update from SD card, everything was okay, but when about half the process was completed the progress bar stuck and it won't move for about 20 minutes. What to do? Do I need to pull the battery? Is my phone bricked?
  9. When approximately CM 10.2 is going to be released?
  10. No. It can do everything that Windows 7 can and more. And start screen is even more functional and shows more than start menu. If you don't know how to use it, don't say that Windows 8 sucks.
  11. Hello, when I was going home, a horrible rain started. My phone was in pocket and I checked it, and noticed that proximity sensor and led are red. I turned off the phone, removed battery and cleaned it. Left it for a half hour and turned on. The phone works, but the sensor and led are still red. I turned it off again and removed battery, sim, sd card and I noticed that when I push my phone a bit water comes out of it. What to do? Is it possible to fix it at home?
  12. Hi, is there any flashable vendor zip for GB? I wiped /cust in cwm before installing gr2 rom, and I don't have toggles, Huawei custom boot animation and other custom things. Is there any way to get it?
  13. Is screen off animation working for you all? It won't work for me and there isn't a setting to enable it anymore.