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  1. r1: Superboot - how to root the HTC Desire C

    If this message appears even after rebooting the device then you didn't only boot the boot.img, you flashed it(didn't use the double-click-only file, huh?). It's not expected to remove sense, it has nothing to do with that.
  2. [Help]My HTC Desire C wifi wont turn on?

    Option number 1: Change modules(harder) Option number 2: flash stock boot.img(easier) This shoud do: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/70886680/file.html
  3. [Help]My HTC Desire C wifi wont turn on?

    What did you exactly do nameless? Did you flash the ROM? If so, you also need to flash boot.img. Please, explain better.
  4. Install zip from CWM Recovery. Or the trickier way is to replace manually Camera.apk(and delete/rename Camera.odex if odexed) and media_profiles.xml in the exact places from the zip with Root Explorer e.g. Restart and kaboom
  5. [ROM] discontinued

    Can I only boot the boot.img using the stock rom(1.45.401.4 EU Non-NFC, same version as this rom is based on)? Will I get the overclock or I need the ROM also? Thanks!
  6. r1: Superboot - how to root the HTC Desire C

    It stays rooted, I thought it wouldn't as well but it did. Try an other USB port, restart the system(the PC) and try again. Make sure you have everything you need in order to establish a connection(the drivers).
  7. r1: Superboot - how to root the HTC Desire C

    Happened to me as well. I rebooted the phone and it worked just fine. Worked the both times I rooted my phone.