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  1. Maybe you could release the next update that includes dark theme. It looks very nice. :)
  2. Does it include new ceco's kernel that fixes some graphical glitches?
  3. I downloaded kernel from the second post update-boot-4.2.2-20130227.zip and just flashed it over Mohamed's build. That's all.
  4. I've just tried it on Mohamed's build and touch is not working.
  5. Hey, can we flash this kernel on Tilal's cm 10.1 rom?
  6. Ok. Anyway, I will try it. What are your impressions like? :)
  7. Every time i unlock, free ram dropps. I have ended up with only 90mb and then had to reboot. I use digital clock on the lockscreen.
  8. -Status/nav bar transparency is not working for me at all. -Pie not working for me when it's set to the bottom.
  9. Is there any way to delete system widgets from this ROM, because Performance widget slows down app drawer a bit (at least I think so). And there are also some widgets I don't need, and I'd like to get rid of them. Stock launcher is poor. I don't like it. Nova launcher is very fast and customizable... Ps... Great ROM! I never tought that I would prefer this one over Tilal's CM which is also superb. )