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  1. Radio signal crashes all the time

    Check your IMEI number when problem occurs. I've the same problem and my IMEI number changes while having this issue ! By the way, I bought it from Orange F too and I'm using Sosh.
  2. Druch : j'ai Orange avec Intel Inside, cela fonctionne. Au pire utilise le AIO TOOL de rickywyatt.
  3. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I've the same problem as stephen m.
  4. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    I've got an Orange France phone and everything works (SDCard mount, Root, flash logo etc...).
  5. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Is the rom now laggy ?
  6. How to mount a SD Card

    So, SDHC cards work ?
  7. How to mount a SD Card

    I'll try to make a video on how to remove it
  8. How to mount a SD Card

    Uncheck "Bind SD to the new mount point" and select Save&Reboot, after reboot recheck the same and select Save&Reboot.
  9. How to mount a SD Card

    Unmount and remount external_sd, then restart your phone, it should work
  10. How to mount a SD Card

    Can you see files under sdcard_ext ? If not, sdcard is not mounted.
  11. How to mount a SD Card

    No, you SHOULD see the external_sd folder on your computer. I do. How'll you manage pushing things on your SDCARD if you can't see it on your computer ? :o
  12. How to mount a SD Card

    There are some directory errors in the script (However I succeeded installing my SDCARD)
  13. How to mount a SD Card

    Succeeded to remove the card, but it is very hard (my nail is bleeding)
  14. How to mount a SD Card

    How to remove (physically) the memory card ? The place is too small, I can't remove it :(
  15. Hi all ! If you have updated your device to Orange ICS from Xolo ICS (like me hihi), the script provided by Benichou doesn't work (for XYZ reason). To make it work, I've edited it a little. Steps are the same : - Enable ADB Debug on your Android device : Settings > Advanced Setting > USB Debugging - Plug your device to your computer - Run the Script - Select 1 - Your device will reboot twice - Your Orange ICS is rooted ! /!\ Bin4ry, Benichou and The-Bledard are not responsible for any damage caused to your device(s). /!\ /!\ This script is only for Orange ICS devices updated FROM XOLO ICS ROM. /!\ Many thanks to Bin4ry and Benichou. Please report any success or failure. Download Link